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Happy Earth Textiles by Elaine Ellis I Do Slipcovers

4856 S. Acoma St., Englewood, Co, USA, 80110 - View Map


Elaine Ellis of I Do Slipcovers has been your local seamstress of custom slipcovers since 1992, when she ventured out to express her knowledge and creativity in the world of residential furniture. She has been sewing since 11 years old, and in 1994 received recognition in our Westword Best of Denver. Elaine desires to introduce her selection of hemp and hemp blend textiles, which are Earth sustainable, rugged, supple, and most importantly, washable. She is also committed to the sharing of right information about the crop we call industrial hemp and the reintroduction of its legality for our Americal farmers.Her tagline is "Support Industrial Hemp Farming" as she now proudly works the venture of Happy Earth Textiles.