Green Festival Exhibitors

Heaven and Earth Healing

297 Herndon pkwy, Suite 105, Herndon, VA, USA, 20170 - View Map

We will be selling recycled eco- jeweler. Our jewelery is hand made or reconstructed in America of recycled materials combined in a new way, using a variety of eco-friendly materials. Some of our earrings and necklaces use new components with components that have lived a life as part of other pieces of jewelry, while other jewelry is made of recycled paper,plastic and metal products that have lived many other lives. All of our paper creations are coated with a clear water proof soy based paint from an eco-friendly company. As a non-profit organization our profits go toward raising money to support the Pelican Nest Learning and Resource Center in Baton Rogue, LA.,and Toward building the first Platinum LEED Eco-Education and CAM Healing Center in Northern Virginia.