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Ka-Pow! Bakery

Alameda, CA, USA - View Map

Ka-Pow! Bakery specializes in custom cookies you won't find anywhere else, from ginger ninjas to shortbread sharks and edible moustaches, we bake food you can play with. We have gluten-free and vegan varieties as well!

Ka-Pow’s motto is that everyone should be able to enjoy a delicious cookie and have fun eating it. We only use the best ingredients, such as organic evaporated sugar and low-glycemic sugar substitutes, such as agave, coconut sugar and maple syrup. We only use unbleached flours, and never use artificial flavors. There is an option to choose between artificial or all-natural colors for those with concerns about artificial coloring. We also proudly use organic, sustainable, local and fair trade ingredients as often as possible. Now that’s feeling good about what you eat!