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Kvale Good Natured Games

771 Parkview Ave, Saint Paul, MN, USA, 55117 - View Map


Eco-friendlier board games! Kvale Good Natured Games are appealing to green and mainstream folks alike. Easy, creative, and most often hilarious, they are a great addition for traditional board game enthusiasts' parties. Beyond the main focus of being fun, the games are also recognized as a valuable tool by many educators of middle and high school students.The company is green through its strong attention to the use of 100% recycled papers, recycled wood tokens, soy-based inks, non-toxic pencils, etc. An eco audit for material use is on each box as well as the web site. While many other board games are produced overseas under questionable standards, Good Natured Games brand is instead manufactured in the U.S. and uses contractual work to help support disadvantaged people. This family-owned business' first product is Head1Liners, a game in which you literally write the news headlines. From a deep collection of globally-sourced photographs, players will write a newspaper headline. The game involves creative writing and observation, and also has interesting challenges for all levels of players.These games are truly fun. And you can also feel good that you are choosing a responsibly made product.