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Le Sanctuaire

699 Mississippi Street 107, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94107 - View Map


Le Sanctuaire is honored to deliver lhuile de grace the oil of grace to you from San Francisco. Lhuile de grace is a therapeutic skin care serum exquisitely formulated with ingredients such as Bio-Lumiere and Sangre de Drago (one of our most powerful antioxidants from the Amazon) along with seven essential oils and five exquisite carrier oils. This amazing blend provides you with a daily moisturizer that hydrates deep into your skins many layers. All ingredients in lhuile de grace are extracted from fresh herbs and flowers and delicately processed to preserve their natural energies. Because of its deep-soul connecting properties, you will reflect in balance and compassion on your own life while knowing you are nourishing your face with the ultimate skin care experience. We are in gratitude to share our creation with you.