Green Festival Exhibitors

Liquid Fire Mantra

1124 Old Hwy.99, Ashland, OR, United States, 97520 - View Map


Liquid Fire Mantra is Jewelry and Performance Art Company based out of Ashland Oregon, who believe in the power of art to inspire and create positive change in the world. Symbols and Sacred Geometry are prominent through out their work along with empowering elements of nature. Intricately detailed, great care is instilled into every aspect of these fair trade, hand crafted designs. Having deep reverence for nature, Liquid Fire Mantra is committed to Green Business practices by using renewable resources and low impact environmental methods.Come find us at booth 415. Fair Trade in our business means that we evaluate each one of our business relationships individually and to each individual needs. This is created through direct and intimate relationships with each one of our workers, employees and colleagues.To us "Green" is not only the values that uphold the environment, but it is being committed to expanding our understanding of our biodynamics and how this understanding can be employed. Green to us, is living each day with the questions: What is our impact? Are we being accountable for our actions? How can we be in service to support the whole?