Green Festival Exhibitors

Lydia's Organics

1372 North McDowell Blvd, Suite C, Petaluma, CA, USA, 94954 - View Map


Let us recharge you for more at leading-edge lifestyle festivals that celebrate the latest trends in health, music, arts, ecology, and spirituality.

Come out!  Say Hello!  Enjoy some amazing fresh, organic, vegan, raw and cooked foods under the familiar purple banner that is recognizable at more than 30 events along the West Coast.

At some of the most creative, inspiring and joyful celebrations, festival-goers crowd around Lydia's Lovin' Foods booths, excited to indulge in real, organic and nourishing food.

Enjoy a cool festival with true nourishment and much needed shade, on us!  We love seeing your bright, friendly faces!

We offer a convenient way to include more fresh, raw, unprocessed and nutritiously-potent foods in your diet, fit your festical needs!

Lydia Kindheart's 20 years of personal use, consultations and refinement of raw foods recipes are lovingly manifested in all Lydia's Organics products.  We combine sprouted grains, seeds and nuts, along with fruits, vegetable, herbs and seaweeds with the utmost care for the preservation of the living vitality and nutrition of these ingredients.