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Marfar Designs

3124 N Broadway Apt. 3R, Chicago, IL, USA, 60657 - View Map


A collection of hip and youthful women's clothing.All designs at marfar are mindful of the environment, and of the people who work to create them. They begin with materials that have a minimal impact on the environment, including organic and hemp fabrics, low-impact dyes, and waterbased inks. All manufacturing - fabric-cutting, sewing, dying, and screenprinting - takes place at independent Bay Area shops and the Marfar home studio in Chicago. Most importantly, every marfar design is mindful of the wearer. The apparel is versatile and wearable, pairing comfy knits with stylish cuts. And because each piece is made with the earth in mind, a woman can look good and feel good in marfar.