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Mirrors Decorated

6925 Willow Street, NW Box 26, Studio 228, Washington, DC, USA, 20012 - View Map


"Introducing, a creative and functional application of the art of recycling."I have taken the ancient medium of paper-mache to create a collection of eco-friendly mirrors, picture frames and wall decor. The work is designed with:1) A vibrant array of colored paper, 2) Attractive, multicolored World maps,3) 'Emerging Nation,' a reproduction of a United States historical map published in 1783,4) A stunning bonanza of stamps from all over the World! Each piece is one of a kind,5) Imagery taken from nature publications &6) Creatively hand painted and other found elements.The earth-friendly paper-mache is made from post consumer waste/discarded newspapers, magazine and telephone directories.A "History and Intent" statement, Signed and Dated is adhered to the back of each piece.Sizes: 5" dia. - 32" dia.