Green Festival Exhibitors

Not A Number / ShakeLight.com

1905 N 45th Street, seattle, wA, USA, 98103 - View Map


Not A Number's shop in Seattle features the Northwest's best selection of political/environmental/fun bumperstickers, buttons, magnets, t-shirts as well as local art, toys, books, cards and wacky gifts. Our Shakelight.com products have been at the Green Festival since its start in 2001 (invented by a friend, this is the original, patented magnet-powered flashlight that never needs batteries or bulbs!). After 9/11 we created a Peace Sign designed using all country flags on earth, and have many products featuring that. We carry a growing number of eco-products like Blackspot shoes, non-toxic cleaners, hemp and rainforest rubber products, multi-colored duct tape bags and wallets, soy candles, and LED products. NotANumberGifts.com