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Paihama imports socks and hats from New Zealand which are woven with a remarkable blend of Merino wool and Paihama fur.New Zealand is facing a devastating environmental crisis. In the 1800s a small Austrialian marsupial was introduced, and their population exploded in the lush, green and predator-free forests of this isolated island nation. The indigenous Maori call this creature Paihama which literally means Pest. An estimated 70 to 90 million Paihama feast on 46 million pounds of vegetation every single night. The government is desperate to control their numbers and is doing large scale poison drops, using 1080, a toxin that indiscriminately kills all wildlife. But the Paihama numbers still keep growing. We have witnessed first hand the devastating effects of the Paihama across New Zealand. The environmental consequences of this problem stem not only from the damage the creatures themselves do, but also from the wide spread use of the 1080 poison. Our business addresses this problem in a humane, and target specific way : by supporting hunters and trappers. We are creating a market in North America for the valuable commodity these pests produce : a hollow fiber fur that is durable, luxuriously soft, and warmer than wool at half the weight. By building economic incentives for hunters and trappers we hope to encourage this traditional line of work, protecting NZ biodiversity from the damage of the Paihama AND the 1080 poison. The Paihamas amazing hollow fiber fur is blended with 50% New Zealand Merino wool and 10% Nylon to create a high performance, breathable knit blend.Your Paihama purchase is an ecological solution to save New Zealand's native forests and birds.