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Papa Steve's No Junk Raw Protein Bars

Culver City, CA, United States, 90232 - View Map

These fresh made raw whole food bars were developed by an athlete using raw living food combinations that balance proteins, fats, fiber and complex carbohydrates to help balance blood sugar. They taste amazing!

They are handmade fresh weekly in small batches using only the highest quality organic & gluten free ingredients. No preservatives or refined sugars. No artificial ingredients. Refrigerated - lasts up to 45 days at room temp.

Use for Meal Replacement,High Protein Snack, Curbing Hunger, Balancing Blood Sugar, Increasing Endurance, ,Increasing Energy , Increasing Mental, Expecting Moms, Lowering Blood Pressure, Reducing Fatigue, Pre-Workout Energy Boost or kids snack. And FREE SHIPPING orders over $35.