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Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy

4940 Pearl East Circle, Ste 301, Boulder, CO, USA, 80301 - View Map


Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy believes that public health is closely linked to environmental health. Thats why the stores bamboo shelves are stocked with organic, all-natural and fair trade productsthe best in the natural products industry. By introducing customers to things like paraben-free cosmetics and eco-friendly cleaners, Pharmaca raises environmental consciousness while providing people with the things they need to live a healthy lifestyle.Pharmaca currently has 22 stores scattered throughout California, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, and Oregon. All of these locations, as well as its home office, are offset with renewable energy. In addition to their many other environmental initiatives, Pharmaca is also growing its green pharmacy program, encouraging consumers to return unused or expired medications for EPA-approved disposal. Stop by to learn about the many ways our integrative approach can benefit you, and your world.