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Precise Alloys

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MAS Sales dba Precise Alloys was started January 1, 2007. Precise Alloys was and is a small family run company started in the South Bronx about 1980. The company was a manufacturer of solder bar and wire for the plumbing and roofing industries. I came back to work in the family business in 1997 and I expanded the business to include other products used in the market such as sheet lead, lead bends lead wool, caulking lead and fluxes'all items used still in the plumbing and roofing industries today. Due to this expansion the company greatly increased sales and profits and became more widely known in plumbing and roofing supply houses. Our products became a staple on many shelves due to our competitive pricing and excellent quality. At the time, I was also looking to move the company into the manufacturing of environmentally safe products. The 'Green' movement was beginning to take hold and become stronger. Knowing the hazardous chemicals used it these industries the need for safe products was absolute. My observations, along with discussions with contractors and workers exposed to these hazardous chemicals, confirmed the need for an environmentally safe flux for the drinking water pipes that was non corrosive and non toxic. Competitors and others in the industry told me that such a product did not exist and could not be developed. So after hearing 'Could not be developed' I was on a personal quest to develop such a product that would benefit our environment. And since we are a very, very small company and do not have the financial resources as our competitors have the challenge was great but I was determined. And 3 years later we developed and patented a paste flux which is: Environmentally Safe Contains NO Zinc Chloride (extremely corrosive) Contains NO Ammonium Chloride (extremely corrosive) Contains NO Petrolatum (Vaseline) Water Soluble No Corrosive Residue Very Low Smoke and Odor Does Not Burn Skin Does Not Freeze or Separate Absorbs No Water Works On Wet Pipes Does Not Pop When Soldering Does Not Turn Pipes or Hands Black or GreenSo there it is. Everything the competitors and people in the industry challenged and said could never be done was. In 2008, involvement in environmental issues and concerns span from children to mothers to workers to developers etc'and these issues touch all of our lives