Vegan specialty condiments using premium gluten-free ingredients

Herbs America

P.O. Box 446, Murphy, OR, USA, 97533 - View Map


Organic raw maca powders, extracts, formulas and capsules.

Maca Magic is grown at 14,000 feet in the Andes. Our farms both here and in the Amazon are organic and sustainable. We support phyto-medicinal advancement, traditional farming, indigenous intellectual property and land rights, and rainforest conversation. Our proprietary formulations are registered on behalf of indigenous societies in the Amazon Basin and Andes Mountains. A portion of each sale is designated to help protect natural heritage through conservation projects.

Phone: (541) 846-6222

Herbs of Grace, Inc.

301 Young Rd, Mossyrock, WA, US, 98564 - View Map


All Natural Mineral Cosmetics

Offering all-natural mineral cosmetics handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality. Our line includes foundation, eye shadow, blush, vegan lip balm and much more. There are no artificial dyes, nano-particles or synthetic ingredients of any kind in our mineral cosmetics; and we NEVER test on animals.

Phone: 888-817-1831

Hey Honey! Artisanal Lemonade

Turlock, California, United States - View Map


Sweetened 100% with honey & hand crafted with family!

Hey Honey! Artisanal Lemonades are 100% sweetened with California Wildflower honey, made with wholesome organic juices and herb extracts!

A family crafted lemonade, starting as a mother and daughter team, intent on creating a honey-sweetened lemonade without artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sugars.

With every batch, Hey Honey! remains as honest as our intentions. Handcrafted with appreciation, our lemonade represents our values as a family to do everything we can to support organic farmers and honey bees that support us!

Every time you open a bottle and take that first long sip, you will inevitably relax into a slow smile and a deep sigh, because you have just experienced a lemonade nourishing to your body and flavorful to your taste buds!

Enjoy our delightful Hey Honey!, warm it up, ice it down or mix it with your favorite spirit, it's a versitile lemonade you'll be reaching for year-round!

Phone: 831.594.5638

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assett recovery and e-waste recycler covering the West coast

• Hi-Tec Recycling has been providing recycling services to the San Francisco Bay Area from our Richmond warehouse location since 1998. • We accept any computer, laptop, cell phone, monitor, TV or other consumer electronic waste, working or non-working. • All items received by Hi-Tec Recycling are recycled in accordance with EPA standards. Some are sent for refurbishing and others are defracted for their component elements.

Phone: 415.488.0800

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Smart Pot raised beds and containers for vegetable growing.

Phone: 405-842-7700

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Mobile Power for Active Lives

High Tide is dedicated to providing access to mobile energy in an environmentally responsible manner. We make bicycle-mounted generators and batteries to easily and efficiently harvest high amounts of energy. Just 3 miles of riding can makes 5 watt-hours, enough juice to fully charge a cellphone.

High Tide Associates

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Human powered electrical generator. Portable power.

High Tide's mission is to promote a green lifestyle in which consumer create all their own mobile power. Our goal is to become the defacto performance standard for motors and generators in the consumer space. We also support philanthropic causes in the world where our power generation technologies can make a huge difference.Our latest product offering is the bicycle-mounted RollerGen Power System. It includes a high-output human-powered generator, a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack, and a bike rack which mounts everything. It easily powers all your mobile electronics (cellphones, GPS, MP3, lights, radios, netbooks, etc) and enables you to go off-the-grid with truly green power.Come see us and let us Cycle Your Power!

Phone: 510-599-8224


High Vibe a raw and vegan superstore.


High Vibe a raw and vegan superstore. Serving the world since 1993 Our motto is “as raw as you want to be” and we live by that philosophy. We carry fair trade, organic and gluten free items. We sell books and supplements to guide you through cleanses, along with cookbooks for the raw and vegan lifestyle, hair and skin products, water filters, dehydrators and juicers.


PO Box 874, Stinson Beach, California, United States, 94970 - View Map


Sacred Geometry and Energy Jewels to Feel Protected and Uptlifted

HighChi - A Technology Company. blending Ancient Egyptian and Quantum technologies. Through energizingJewelry and Meditation systems,studies show that HighChi "Power Pieces" vitalize, lift resonance, and can help protect from frequencies from cell phones. The Ancient Egyptians believed these same energies create "Gateways to the Divine", and protect from negative energies from others.Come explore our Sacred Geometry and Energy Jewels collection andfeel protected, vitalized, and uplifted!

Phone: 4158689050

Higher Grounds Trading Co

1088 S. Sawmill Rd., Lake Leelanau, MI, USA, 49564 - View Map


Coffee and Happy People for the Revolution!

Coffee for the people! We're honored to roast some of the world's finest coffees direct from change-makin' farming co-ops around the globe. Indigenous rights, environmental justice, happy Americans - now, that's what we're after. Come on over and visit the fun at Higher Grounds TC. (And join us on one of our fair trade tours to Africa, Mexico or S. America!)

Phone: 877 825 2262

Highland Water

1338 S. Valentia Street, #110, Denver, CO, USA, 80247 - View Map


Chem-free Water Treatment & Purification Experts

Providing chemical-free, low and no-maintenance water treatment equipment, Highland Water is Colorado's premier water purification expert. We offer hundreds of treatment systems ranging from simple taste and odor filters to extensive contaminant removal systems. We specialize in well water treatment, and have a knowledgeable staff that can assist consumers to select the most appropriate purification solution. Our staff has over 60 years of combined experience in the water treatment industry and we have been involved in nearly every facet of the business. We are solutions specialists and all of our employees are extensively trained in the science of water and correct treatment methods.

Phone: 303-750-7873


366 City Center Drive, Rohnert Park, CA, USA, 94928 - View Map


Electric Bike and Hub Motor Kit Distributor

Wholesale Distribution and Retail Sales of high quality Electric Bikes, Hub Motor Kits, and Lithium Ion LiFePO4 Battery Packs. Electric Bike Design Services and Custom Conversion Projects. Dealer Inquiries are Welcome. Investors Wanted for Co-Ventures. We won't lecture you about carbon footprints, global warming. and peak oil. You are already aware. What we do is offer a partial solution. Our goal is to provide the public with a reliable and practical means of transportation that is earth friendly. The greening of America will be an interesting journey. Take that first step and join us in the revolution.

Phone: 707-780-3335

Holeco Wellness Medi Spa

111 Rowell Court, Falls Church, VA, USA, 22046 - View Map


Holistic & Organic Medical Spa that honor's health & environment

Holeco Wellness Medi Spa, formerly known as Derma Hair Care LLC, is the first Holistic & Organic Medical Spa in the USA recognized by Co-op America as a socially responsible green company. Our mission is to provide aesthetic beauty from a holistic perspective by honoring one's health and keeping the environment in mind. Our services include: Laser Treatments for hair, vein, collagen, pigment & acne, Organic Facials, Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent Acupuncture Face Lift, Healing Energy Body Work, Electrolysis, Organic Spray Tan, Ion Body Detox, Holistic Medical Treatments (Nutritional Response Test, Hair Analysis), Natural Derma Fillers, Holistic Health Counseling, monthly Holistic Workshops and more........... All of our products are ORGANIC and chemical free as well as many are vegan. Our sheets, blankets, spa gowns, cotton balls, aloe gels and much more are certified organic.

Phone: 703-241-4004

Holistic Moms Network

National Office, PO Box 408, Caldwell, NJ, USA, 07006 - View Map


A vibrant green parenting community

The Holistic Moms Network (HMN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization connecting parents who are passionate about holistic health and green living. Founded in 2003, the community now has more than 120 chapters across North America and is growing fast! Parents and others interested in living healthy and living green can connect through our growing community. For more information or to locate a Chapter in your area, please visit www.holisticmoms.org or call (877) HOL-MOMS.

Phone: 877-465-6667


Nonprofit Community for Parents Interested in Natural Living

The Holistic Moms Network™ is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization connecting parents who are interested in holistic health and green living. Through local Chapters across the United States, parents come together in real life and online to share, learn, and build sustainable communities for a healthier and greener future. Come share your passion for holistic living!


Holisitc Dentistry for Adults/Children Mercury & BPA Free

3281, San Carlos, Ca, USA, 94070 - View Map


Fundraising , awareness and education for abandoned animals.

Phone: (650) 591-9643

Holy Cow

4525 Park Commons Drive, Suite 401, Saint Louis Park, MN, USA, 55416 - View Map


We're here to make incredibly great products

We have an incredible opportunity to make change on this planet with a shift in consciousness towards sustainable lifestyles. Holy Cow is a celebration of that idea. We exist to make great products, produced in great ways, that promote a shift in thinking.

Phone: 612-619-3302

Holy Lamb Organics

po box 309, oakville, wa, usa, 98568 - View Map


A local Washington based natural bedding manufacturer

Local natural bedding manufacturer (Oakville, WA) hand making all organic and natural pillows, comforters, mattress toppers, Cozy Buns Organic Baby line. We also have a wonderful selection of organic mattresses, sheets, towels and panties. Coop America certified.

Phone: 888-359-1362

Home Power Magazine

PO Box 520, Ashland, OR, USA, 97520 - View Map


Guide to renewable energy and sustainable living technologies.

Independently published since 1987, Home Power is the premier information source for home-scale renewable energy and sustainable living technologies.

Phone: 800-707-3585

Home Resource Network of Seattle Inc

6910 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 203, Seattle, WA, USA, 98115 - View Map


Seattle's Sustainably Focused Contractor Referral Service

Home Resource Network of Seattle Inc is greater Seattle's local, personalized contractor referral service for sustainably focused homeowners. We are an established, local service providing solutions for ALL elements of home construction and remodeling. From additions and remodels to roofing, painting, small home repairs and anything in between, our goal is to fortify homeowners with connections to quality, screened eco-friendly contractors. HRN contractors must carry proper insurance, licensure, exceptional references and adhere to many careful requirements to be included in our relaible network. HRN Seattle Inc is a FREE service for homeowners. Contact us to be connected!

Phone: 206.524.4981


Help at-risk & formerly gang-involved women with job training

3415 N Drake, Chicago, IL, USA, 60618 - View Map


As a Water Sense partner we are dedicated to help the public understand water conservation. We have "Simple Solutions" to help you save water and money. Please join us, at our booth 1233, for "Simple Solutions to water conservation.

Phone: 773-463-7484

Honest Pet Products

PO Box 8988, Green Bay, WI, USA, 54308 - View Map


Eco-friendly natural pet toys and accessories.

We’re a company doing our part to make this a better planet, for pets and for people! We provide natural, pet toys made of sustainable, ultra-durable hemp and wool. Our hemp products are handmade by disabled adults, and our wool products are handcrafted by impoverished women supporting their families.

Phone: 1-800-790-3385

Honest Tea

4827 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD, USA, 20814 - View Map


Honest Tea is the leading organic ready-to-drink tea in the Natural Foods Industry. With a line of 26 products, including Honest Ade and Honest Kids, our products are USDA certified organic, brewed with real tea leaves, and contain less than 1/2 the sugar of most drinks. We strive to create healthy drinks in a way that promotes sustainable, socially responsible practices. HONEST.

Phone: 3016523556

Honeymoon Press

Po Box 961, Penngrove, CA, Sonoma, 94951 - View Map


cooler, greener, kids books!

Honeymoon Press is a publishing company whose primary focus isthe production of environmentally and socially responsible children'sbooks. Honeymoon Press seeks to gently introduce the universal concepts of peace, love, diversity and unity to the young reader, with books that are super cool and super green!

Phone: 323 206 1786

Hookeez, Inc.

P.O. Box 31149, Santa Barbara, CA, 93130 - View Map


Bag hooks for the eco saavy

Tired of unburying your reusable bags when shopping? Hookeez is a patent pending revolutionary new shopping device that clips to your reusbale shopping bags. Hookeez allows you to hang your bags outside of your shopping cart. They are made with recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. Hookeez packaging is made with recycled paper, printed with soy based inks and aqueous coating for protection. Hookez is a 1% for the planet member and is also a woman owned business, WBENC certified.

Phone: 805-845-6206

Hoop Fund

901 Mission Street, Hub SoMa, San Francisco, CA - View Map


Sustainable, Fair Products + Microloans to the Makers!

The Hoop Fund offers great ethical products with microloans to the people who make them. Through our unique crowd-funding platform we combine loans of $5-$500 and send them to the farmers, artisans, and communities behind these products at 0% interest. Lend your Green Festival Bucks to a producer in need and enjoy their products, too!

1260 MIlton Ave suite 170, Janesville, WI, USA, 53545 - View Map


Recycled & Sustainable Products Made in Uganda

We are a non-profit fair trade that works with the poor and unemployable in Uganda. We pay our artisans up front and then all proceeds from the sale of their products goes back, in the form of community projects. Education is our primary focus giving scholarships to children that are unable to pay for school. As our secondary project we have partnered with a hospital and work doing free surgeries yearly.

Phone: 608-314-3950

Horigan Urban Forest Products, Inc.

8110 Monticello Ave., Skokie, IL, USA, 60076 - View Map


Suppliers of hardwood urban lumber from Chicago

We are a source for local, sustainable lumber. We mill and kiln dry urban trees that are coming down for reasons other than lumber. Our product is hard wood lumber that can be used for flooring, paneling, building or any hard wood lumber need.

Phone: 847-568-1340

Horn of Africa

Portland, OR, 97211 - View Map


Authentic Food from the E. Africa & the Middle East

Authentic Food from the East African Coast & the Middle East. 90-99% Organic

Phone: 503.331.9844


Safe, affordable travel is easy with our hostels!

PO Box7816, Bonney Lake, WA, us, 98391 - View Map

All natural cotton fabric and flax, reusable, Hot-N-Cold Packs

Our Hot N Cold Packs are made in Washington from natural cotton fabric and American grown flax seed. We found that by using flax seed they have a pleasing natural smell and last for years of use providing warm moist heat. To use in place of ice simply place them in the freezer in and airtight container.

Phone: 253-314-2594

House of Mongrel

PO Box 53287, Washington, DC, USA, 20009 - View Map


Organic cotton clothes for babies and toddlers.

We make clothes for kids. Our goals are really very simple: Everything we make must be good (well made, comfortable, and durable); green (think fair-trade, organic cotton, and low-impact dyes); and above all, fun. We think weve made a good start. Come take a look and let us know if you agree.

Phone: 202-462-0861


Housefish builds innovative modern furniture in the USA, using sustainable materials and zero-VOC finishes.


Eco accessories made in USA with recycled metal. HoveyLee.com.


Repurposed rainbarrels/diversions/filters/spigots/overflow elbows


Eco-chic loungewear made in LA for women seeking style & elegance


Holistic chiropractor to expand your human potential gently

Humane Seal

5100 Wisconsin Ave NW #400, Washington, DC, USA, 20016 - View Map


Humane Seal helps you make cruelty-free donations.

The Humane Charity Seal of Approval is the easiest way for donors to spot charities that are committed to providing vital services and care to patients or advancing research without the use of animals.People who donate to charities want to know where their money is going. For many, a key concern is whether their donations might fund animal experiments. In fact, over 65 percent of adults recently surveyed said they would be more likely to donate to a health charity that had a policy of never funding animal experiments. Over 80 percent of those under 35 agreed.With a rapidly expanding and diversifying list of approved charities, the Humane Charity Seal of Approval is leading the way into a new era of humane giving.

Phone: 202-686-2210 X384

2100 L St NW, Washington, DC, USA, 20037 - View Map


Undergraduate, graduate, and professional development programs.

Humane Society University (HSU) is a private, non-profit institution offering a variety of online, classroom, and hybrid undergraduate degree, graduate certificate and professional development programs in human-animal studies. HSU is comprised of two parts: the School of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Professional Studies.

Phone: (202) 676-2390

Hurricane Hauling & Demolition, Inc.

55 De Luca Place, Unit B, San Rafael, CA, USA, 94901 - View Map


Specializing in deconstruction & debris hauling since 1989

Hurricane Hauling & Demolition, Inc. specializes in deconstruction, demolition, debris hauling & cleanup, tree and yard services. A licensed, bonded, and fully insured Bay Area Green Business, we operate in the greater Bay Area. Since 1989, we have been salvaging materials from residential and commercial projects. Our mission is to provide high quality service at affordable rates with the goal of reducing, reusing, recycling, and re-purposing materials for the benefit of our customers, through incentives like tax write-offs, and our environment.

Phone: 415-456-3407


Handheld and portable hybrid-solar powered lighting equipment

Hybrid Light, LLC

PO Box 430, St. George, Utah, United States, 84771 - View Map


Hybrid Solar powered handheld lighting equipment

Hybrid Solar Lite - Super bright, environmentally safe, solar powered flashlight - holds its charge for years. Solar panel generates power and stores it for later use. Backup battery can be used when solar is discharged. Solar is rechargeable over and over. Features power source indicator lights. Waterproof to depths of 80' and extremely durable. Encourages the use of alternative energy. Take a step towards sustainability while saving money - no costly batteries to pollute landfills and water supplies. Contributes to environmental protection and emergency preparedness for our homes, schools, business and communities. Lifetime Guarantee.

Phone: 951-858-4804

26 Dobbin St, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11222 - View Map


Hyde is the creation of Anne-Kerr L'Heureux ("A.K."), who discovered yoga 17 years ago. What began as exercise quickly became a passion that extended to affect all aspects of her life. Hyde was born from an intention to create clothing that encourages comfort, confidence, and beauty.

Inspired by the notion of flexibility of both body and mind, we incorporate the principles of yoga into a thoughtful contemporary apparel. The Hyde collection is designed and fabricated with a fit and aesthetic that travels from the studio out into the world.

"Anne-Kerr L'Heureux's Hyde yoga pants combine elegance, simplicity, comfort and style. I love them." -Deepak Chopra

Hyde is a socially conscius company. The line is produced in a sweat-shop free environment using predominantly organic fibers.

Phone: 646.330.4646

Hydro-Logic Purification Systems

2825 Mattison lane, Unit C, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, 95065 - View Map


cutting edge, earth friendly water purification products

Hydro-Logic is based in Santa Cruz, CA and specializes in earth friendly and ultra efficient water purification technologies for home, garden, and aquariums. Our products on based on cutting edge, revolutionary designs that are user friendly and gentle on the earth. We use bio based plastics, zero greenhouse emission coconut carbon, and reusable filter designs. With the world's water quality getting worse Hydro-Logic is helping families and gardeners be sure they are getting the purest water possible. Pure water's not magic, it's logic!

Phone: 888-426-5644

Hydros Bottle

2400 Market Street, Suite 5, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 19103 - View Map


Everyday Portable Fast Flow Filtering Water Bottle

Hydros, an innovative socially and eco-conscious company, develops products that provide active consumers easy access to great-tasting, filtered water on the go. The company’s signature product, the Hydros Filtering Water Bottle, is the only water bottle on the market with a patent-pending Fast Flow Filter™ that filters water on entry,filling the bottle in just 20 seconds. A cost-effective alternative to bottled water, Hydros Bottles can be used at any water tap or fountain; on average, each bottle saves consumers $400 a year. Every bottle sold helps fund sustainable water infrastructure projects worldwide.

Phone: 1.866.830.1310