Green Festival Exhibitors

Saint Peter's University


Saint Peter’s University, inspired by its Jesuit," target="_blank">">Jesuit, Catholic identity, commitment to individual" target="_blank">">individual attention and grounding in the liberal" target="_blank">">liberal arts, educates a diverse" target="_blank">">diverse community of learners in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs to excel" target="_blank">">excel intellectually, lead" target="_blank">">lead ethically, serve" target="_blank">">serve compassionately and promote" target="_blank">">promote justice in our ever-changing urban and global environment.

President Cornacchia signed the American" target="_blank">">American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) pledging to continue to be an early adopter of environmentally friendly solutions (Climate" target="_blank">">Climate Action Plan). Solar arrays on top of buildings generate electricity on campus. A cogeneration plant produces both low carbon heat and electricity for academic buildings on the West Campus. Saint Peter’s remaining electricity is purchased off campus: 100 percent renewable energy generated by wind power.

Saint Peter's new Green" target="_blank">">Green Energy Command Center serves as the nucleus of the entire initiative as it is filled with software and equipment that tracks the amount and type of energy being used on campus, the total amount of energy savings and data on the carbon saving benefits.  This center will serve as a learning laboratory and will be used as an educational tool for students from a wide range of academic programs.

SPC Students can join" title="Hello world!">S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violating the Earth), which sponsors environmental activities which are often service-based.

The Environmental" target="_blank">">Environmental Studies major. Social" target="_blank">">Social Justice minor, and Environmental" target="_blank">">Environmental Science concentration offer new learning opportunities for students entering our ever-greening economy, and increases the presence of Saint Peter’s as a socially and ecologically responsible institute of higher education.