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Save a Snowman

1133 Justin Ave. Ste. 113, Glendale, CA, United States, 91201 - View Map


An up and coming non-profit organization, Save a Snowman is a snowmen orphanage dedicated to building a sustainable world. Our projects involve the restoration and protection of Earths Ecosystem, with particular attention on renewable clean energy.Understanding the importance of creating awareness, Save a Snowman dedicates special attention in inspiring the youth to be a pro-active and a positive force in the world of tomorrow. We are currently working on intergrading programs within schools including class projects and field trips as well as projects designed specifically by children and teens themselves, raising money to "green" their schools and promoting a global outreach between children worldwide. We at Save a Snowman strongly believe in the inspiring opportunity we have before us; to re-assess our relationship with the planet, re-design our economy and create a sustainable world for our children and our childrens children. We invite you to visit us today and discover what you can do to make a difference. Offers 100% natural and biodegradable merchandise.