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Seattle Green Bag Campaign

1313 S. Pearl St., Seattle, WA, 98108 - View Map

The Seattle Green Bag Campaign is a local grassroots movement to promote environmental sustainability by reducing the unnecessary use of disposable bags. We encourage the use of reusable bags as an easy way to make a big difference to the environment, reduce waste, decrease the use of environmentally harmful plastics and enhance public health. Plus, you just look cooler carrying a smart reusable bag.The Seattle Green Bag Campaign supports the City of Seattles proposed 20-cent fee for disposable bags. The measure provides a market-based incentive for smart shopping, and generates revenues to promote recycling and waste reduction and to supply reusable shopping bags to low-income consumers. This policy is subject to voter approval in this years August primary. The Seattle Green Bag Campaign will be actively involved in encouraging Seattle neighbors to Vote Yes for the Environment!By taking some small steps, together we can make a huge difference to the environment. Contact us today to find out more about the Seattle Green Bag Campaign, to help us support the August Green Bag ballot measure, or if you just need help finding a reusable bag! Look for our volunteers at your neighborhood grocery store chances are youll recognize one of them as your neighbor from down the street. Keep shopping smart!