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Secure the Call

6930 Carroll Avenue Suite 400 AA, Takoma Park, Maryland, USA, 20912 - View Map

Secure the Call is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization that collects used and unwanted cell phones and then redistributes them to the community for free to be used as emergency 911-only phones. Secure the Call is a coalition of over 300 organizations consisting of Police and Sheriff's Departments, Senior Citizen Centers and Battered Women's Shelters. We collect the phones and after wiping them clear of all the previous owner's information, we reset the phones to only call 911 in the case of an emergency. The phones are then given back to our coalition partners who in turn distribute them to the community. Secure the Call is an all-volunteer organization that relies solely on the generosity of the community for everything we do. We need your help. We have collection barrels that we are looking to place in permanent places. We also ask large companies, non-profit organizations, Government Agencies and Church's and Synagogues to hold a one-month collection drive on our behalf. We provide everything they need for a successful drive. Call us at 800 813-0344 to get started.