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Sweet Knee

409 highway 17 south, North Myrtle Beach, SC, USA, 29582 - View Map


Sweet Knee ® Skin Care for Baby and Child is created of certified organic, 100% natural, chemical-free ingredients. We are a family run business. Mama Platt is the brains and the beauty behind the operation. She developed the concept of Sweet Knee out of necessity when her son developed a severe skin irritation in the hospital that did not respond to anything over the counter or even to prescribed steroid creams. Her amazing bun glaze did the trick. Today you can find her answering the phones, formulating products, scouting out top notch ingredients from around the world, designing packaging, naming products and well staying busy.Papa Platt is the biggest cheerleader imaginable. Always the optimist, he is the reason Mama Platt had the courage to venture into the world of Sweet Knee. He also is the entire shipping department. He lovingly packages all of our orders without allowing any of those nasty packing peanuts to come within a 5 mile radius of our precious products. He also built the laboratory for Sweet Knee inside one of the most beautiful and unique architectural buildings in SC. As luck would have it, Grandpa Platt is an architect extraordinaire.You know that there is a Sweet Knee in the bunch! Baby Sweet Knee is our quality control guru. Nicknamed Sweet Knee for a rather unique crawling style, the name has become synonymous with unique, quality skin care without synthetics or chemicals.