Green Festival Exhibitors

The Community Forklift Thrift Store for Home Improvement

4671 Tanglewood Drive, Hyattsville, MD, USA, 20781 - View Map

You know that you can donate clothing and furniture to thrift storesbut did you know that some places accept renovation leftovers, like cabinets, lumber, and doors? This year, The Community Forklift, DC's largest reuse center for building materials, is sharing a booth with one of the country's oldest reuse centers: The Loading Dock, from Baltimore. When you donate reusable building materials (or even entire houses) to thrift stores like ours, you'll receive a tax deduction, and your donation will reduce waste, create green jobs, and lift local communities!And before you go to the big box store for products that had to be harvested, mined, manufactured, and shipped around the globe ':check out our huge warehouses of low-cost, locally-sourced, reclaimed, antique, and green building materials!