Green Festival Exhibitors

The EcoSeekers


We are an eco-enterprise and award-winning independent publishing house that connects kids & young adults with nature and environmentalism through original stories, related products and community. Founded in 2006 by a brother-sister duo, the company has grown to receive widespread acclaim. Time Magazine for Kids named the author as one of its six 2008 'Heroes for the Planet.' Our efforts have been featured on Good Morning America Now, among other notable programs. Four book awards include a Mom's Choice Award, Benjamin Franklin Award, and two Moonbeam Children's Book Awards. An award judge described our first book as: "A keepsake to be passed along through the years." In 1872, fictional kid characters create a group called The EcoSeekers to protect the environment. The EcoSeekers evolves over time to include kids and adult supporters, real and fictional, throughout the world who seek to protect the environment.