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The Geographic Society of Chicago

3759 N. Ravenswood, Suite 129, Chicago, IL, USA, 60613 - View Map


Founded in 1898, the Geographic Society of Chicago (GSC) is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization incorporated in Illinois.  Its interests, however, stretch beyond Chicago.  During the early years, our organization took the lead in many conservation and educational initiatives, including lobbying Congress to prevent the damming of the Yellowstone River.  Today, the GSC is composed of members and supporters who are not only professional geographers and teachers but interested members of the public as well.  Our mission is to advance the art and science of geography; encourage the study of geography in the schools; recognize outstanding achievements in the field; provide leadership on geographic issues; and promote public understanding and appreciation of Earth's people and places.


As we progress into this new millennium, the GSC is committed to the same goals of our early founders.  At a time when geography and geospatial technology are becoming more and more essential in all sectors—from healthcare to government to commerce, geo

For the past three years, we have developed and managed after-school and summer camp Geography Clubs, starting initially at the Union League Boys & Girls Club in Humboldt Park.  We also wrote curriculum for an eight-week program in Waukegan, Illinois, called Cool Summer Experience, which was STEM-based with a geographic foundation.  In all these efforts, our goals have been to build students’ geographic knowledge, foster environmental stewardship, expose and train students in geospatial technology, and empower them to use these skills to solve community problems. 


Having received an Outstanding Program award in 2012 from the National Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we have been invited by the Union League to expand to a second site, Club One in the Pilsen neighbourhood.  However, we must secure funding before we can accomplish this.