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Vedika Global, Inc.

803 Bancroft Way, Suite 104, Berkeley, CA, USA, 94710 - View Map


Vedika Global, Inc. is a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Berkeley, California. Vedika is dedicated to teaching, living and sharing the spiritually energized science of Ayurveda. Vedika Global has established a unique, back to tradition school of Ayurveda - Vedika Gurukula, which not only teaches (at subsidized cost to students) the principles and practices of Ayurveda in 1,3 or 6 year study programs, but is also dedicated to preserving the oral tradition of Ayurveda, a heritage of humanity. Vedika's culture is rooted in selfless service - Seva. Vedika's vision of humanitarian Ayurveda extends to establishing walk-in Ayurveda centers for low income and at-risk communities; and encompasses conscious community development through gatherings such as Vedika Sangha which share knowledge, and uplift local community.