Green Festival Exhibitors

Wholeness for Humanity (WFH)

4545 42nd Street NW 300, Washington, DC, us, 20016 - View Map


DC Green Festival on September 21-22, 2013 at the DC Convention Center/Hall A.

WFH is at the Community Action Pavilion Booth #312

Wholeness for Humanity (WFH) is a service and educational organization that promotes health, the environment, social justice, and peace through a wide range of educational and fun events, partners, and venues. WFH helps people who seek to make a difference connect with one another and with experts. It incubates innovative collaborations among stakeholders, ideas, programs, and services that contribute both to the individual and to humanity. Some of the paths taken include:

- Raising awareness of the environment by discovering the links that connect health, watersheds, and estuaries


- Conducting fun and educational EcoActive programs to enhance healthy lifestyles and support a sustainable ecosystem


- Building working relationships through community and special interest circles


See" target="_blank">http://app.e2ma.net/app2/campaigns/archived/1412411/dc3fffb9495724ad74bbc69c27271a02/">See previous WFH e-NEWSLETTER "Spring Flowers - May 2013" 

See" target="_blank">http://app.e2ma.net/app2/campaigns/archived/1412411/afc4e09f05948864549af47b316a3f88/">See the Current WFH e-NEWSLETTER "Summer 2013 WFH newsletter" 

Green Action/Events (go to WFH site for registration links if not supplied below): 

(Links below for more info, registration, and volunteer opportunities): 

1) September 7: GreenLiving DC Expo (10 AM - 4 PM): 
http://wholenessforhumanity.givezooks.com/events/copy-of-greenlivingdc-embassy-ecotour"> src="/http://www.givezooks.com/images/buttons/learn_more/100x30.png" alt="learn more" width="100" height="30" /> 

2) September 14th: EDOW" target="_blank">http://www.edow.org/news-and-events/events/featured-events/bishop-s-bike-ride">EDOW Bike Ride Gettysburg Meander Metric Century with the Bishop 

3) September 21-22: GreenFestDC 9 AM to 8 PM both days - WFH booth 

4) SuperH Handcycle Race, Sunday, September 22, 8 - 11 AM, Tysons Corner Sport & Health 

5) October 5th: Sea Gull Century with EDOW Bishops Bike Team 

6) October 13th: EDOW DC Monument Bishops Bike Ride 

7) November 9th: OSL-DC Day of Healing with Lanny Clark 

8) January 11-12, 2014: NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo - Green Pavilion