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Wild Stones

1121 Leonard, Evanston, IL, USA, 60201 - View Map


Wild Stones was founded as part of an artistic project to document the world's oldest rock and mineral sites. We were deeply affected by the power and beauty of these ancient sites, some dating back 4 billion years, and by the stones' striking, sinuous patterns, which we captured in our photographs. In partnership with Holy Cow Company, we have transferred our images to fabrics to create the Wrapped in Earth clothing line. We want to share with others the feeling of being nurtured and protected by ancient Earth, especially during these turbulent times. We also offer print products, including a book project, Echoes of Earth, to be published as a limited first edition. Our future plans include a line of children's clothing as well as linens, wall hangings, and other products. A portion of each sale goes toward supporting efforts to preserve and protect these ancient sites from mining and commercial exploitation. Wild Stones ". . . been around for over 4 billion years . . . " L. Sue Baugh and Lynn Martinelli www.wild-stones.com