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Yelm Earth, worm & castings farm, Barefoot Soil

14741 Larence Lake Rd SE, Yelm, WA, 98597 - View Map


Yelm Earth is a WSDA Certified Organic Farm and WSDA approved and registered soil amendment production facility for use organic agricultural. We are also a Certified Salmon Safe Farm and won the WA State Governors award in 2007 for Pollution Prevention & Sustainable Practices. We ship live red wigglers (composting worms), worm composting bins, organic soil amendments, bulk organic soil by the cubic yard, prefabricated raised beds, certified organic heirloom seeds specific to the Pacific North West climate and growing season. Castings Tea, Compost Tea Brew kits and ingredients. And if needed a little free helpful advice too. Come visit and tour our earthworm facility.