Green Festival Speakers

Joey Feinstein



Feinstein had given little thought to climate change until he met a small town North Dakota farmer during a crosscountry bicycle trip in 2000. This farmer shared his deep concerns about the shifts he was seeing in weather and this conversation changed Feinstein's life. The following spring, Feinstein graduated from the University of Illinois in Chicago with a BA in Sociology and began teaching in his hometown of Evanston, IL at Rice Children's Center. More than 80% of all children attending this school were wards of the state and lived in a residential facility attached to the school. Despite the severe personal challenges these children faced, Feinstein could never shake the nagging feeling that these kids were learning little about the global challenges that would ultimately affect them in the future. After graduating from the Presidio School of Management with an MBA in Sustainable Management in 2007, he founded Climate Cycle.