Green Festival Speakers

Pam Pam Gaddies



Gaddies is a respected community peace activist who founded Operation SaveaLife/The Peacemakers of San Francisco's Visitacion Valley, meeting every Friday on one of the most dangerous corners in the Southeast sector. The group believes in meeting people where they are, by any means necessary. They meet their communities with culture drums, singing, and spiritual or spoken word, while providing referral services, and grief and spiritual counseling. During their consistent presence between November 2003 and December 2006, the community felt safer and more and more neighbors showed up at the Friday night gatherings and monthly BBQs. Crime decreased 40% each year during this time.

Gaddies was awarded the 2004 Unsung Hero Award from the San Francisco Public Library for her activism and advocacy work in the community and in Sudan. Gaddies says that living in Southern Sudan for a month was a reality check spiritually and culturally. She felt her eyes truly open for the first time.

As a filmmaker, producer, songwriter, and a composer of movies and music, Gaddies is a renaissance woman who believes that the stories of Black folks should be filmed, directed, and produced by those in and beyond the struggle. She began her journey through the eye of a lens nine years ago and hasn't stopped. A survivor of domestic violence, she also became an advocate for peace and a health educator and conductor in prevention and intervention with regard to AfricanAmerican health disparities, violence as a health issue, and HIV/AIDS.

Gaddies is the producer of Conscious Eyes, a weekly TV show on Channel 29, as well as the host and DJ of ReggaeSoul Revolution, a weekly radio show on KPOO 89.5 FM. Her consistent visibility as a television producer and radio personality has been and continues to be a powerful tool for getting information into the community neighborhoods where it is so urgently needed.