New York City Super Green Shopper Prize Winner

Congratulations to Leslie Roussan, the winner of the Super Green Shopper Prize in New York City! The prize was a basket full of gifts donated by our exhibitors.

Leslie Roussan

Leslie had this to say about Green Festival:
"Green Festival is a venue that serves to expose people to sustainable products and businesses. These businesses risk doing commerce out of the box. They have the confidence and belief that creating organic products is one of the KEYS to our Earth's survival. I support this exposure; therefore, I support Green Festivals!"

On why she voted for NYR Organic:
"I voted for NYR Organic because it was represented by a friend of mine who whole-heartedly believes in certified organic skin care and non-GMO agriculture. Her passion is contagiously good for Mother Earth! The NYR products are of great value and they work beautifully."

On how she incorporates sustainability into her life:
"I practice sustainability by purchasing products that are organic and non-GMO. This includes my food as well as skin care products. I also do my best to harvest my own food, or purchase directly from the source. As an Alaskan, my neighbors and I harvest our own seafood and beach greens. When I can not go out on the water myself for subsistence harvesting, I purchase all my fish, crab and shrimp from local fisher people down at the docks. I also purchase my organic produce from local Farmer's Markets or trade with my neighbors. In addition, I have a rain catchment system for collecting water that I use for household purposes. My drinking water is hauled from a local spring."

Every fan that votes for the Green Festival Brand Award automatically has the option to enter for the chance to win the Super Green Shopper Prize, a gift basket of green products from the Green Festival! Learn more about the Super Green Shopper Prize.

Super Green Shopper Prize

We would like to thank the following exhibitors who contributed to the prize basket: