Green Festival Speakers

Rob Hanson



Not everyone looks at empty plastic buckets and thinks "brewery equipment," but that's just what Rob Hanson did 14 years ago. With the encouragement and tutelage of his officemate, a homebrewer himself, Hanson has been making his own beer at home ever since.

Tongue in cheek, Hanson describes brewing as a "gateway hobby" that has led to his deeper interest in food, flavor, sourdough bread baking, gardening, and even woodworking as he has built equipment to serve, transport, and showcase his beer.

When he is not brewing, Hanson is Advertising and Special Projects Manager at Green America, and enjoys working with Green Business Network members who advertise in Green America publications and web sites. Hanson is the father of two boys who are not interested in beer at all, and a husband to a wife who puts up with his hobbies with great patience, and who enjoys the occasional beer herself.