Green Festival Speakers

Patrick Hoernig



Established in 1927 by the late Harold G. Meyer in Hammond, Indiana, the Meyer’s Heating and Air-Conditioning Company earned a region wide reputation for top quality service and installation of residential and commercial comfort systems.

In 1985, powered by the entrepreneurship and energy of Rick M. Hollaway., a longtime employee turned owner, the renamed Hollaway-Meyer’s, Inc. brought Rick’s ingenuity and mechanical skills to focus on a growing concern: Energy efficiency and the environment.

Joining the company at this pivotal moment as vice president, Patrick G. Hoernig brought his extensive experience in Renewable Energy and its promise to Hollaway-Meyer’s. Adding innovation to traditional heating and cooling with system designs using renewable solar thermal and geothermal energy sources, Patrick and Rick joined their efforts to provide exceptional comfort with tremendous energy savings and lowered emissions for residential and commercial buildings throughout Greater Chicago.

With Hollaway-Meyer’s deep experience in both conventional high efficiency furnace and air-conditioning and many, many successful installations by their ‘Earth Thermal’ Geothermal Heating and Cooling division,, the dedicated team at Hollaway-Meyer’s continues to expand the understanding and practical use of ‘free’ renewable “Earth Thermal” energy as the alternative to ever higher energy costs and environmental damage.