Green Festival Speakers




Hoopnotica is the leader in the hottest new fitness trend- a high cardio workout program that is so much fun, that it is taking the world by storm. What was made popular by Wham-O in the 50's (remember the Hula Hoop?) has transitioned into a non-impact, fat-burning workout that strengthens your core, and calms your mind. At Hoopnotica, they believe that there is a transition occurring in the world of physical fitness; that holistic wellness is supreme to "working out", and that our bodies are a reflection of our mind's ability to be centered and powerful in everything we do. Hoopnotica is a tool they have found for tapping into that energy, while not straying too far from typical physical fitness programs. Simply put: They want you to sweat; laugh; and challenge your limits with every "swish" of the hoop.