Green Festival Speakers

Brett Horvath


Horvath is a designer, an instigator and an entrepreneur. By forecasting emerging business models, and then building operations and projects that take advantage of new market realities, he has been able to witness first hand the Groundswell effect on many different industries.
A founding member of ReVision Labs, Horvath is also director of Your Revolution, a nonprofit that created innovative engagement strategies for young voters in 2008 and helped more than a dozen community and national nonprofits with their social media and organizing strategies. He is also the director of Komunikado, an organization that helps both forprofit and nonprofit entities evolve by leveraging networked communication, advanced customer interaction and social media.

Horvath believes that too often organizations confuse cultural problems for technological ones. People are the most important part of any system, and that's the first place he starts when trying to evolve or create an organization's model.