Green Festival Speakers

Derek Huntington



Derek Huntington graduated from San Diego State University in 2005 with a B.S. in corporate finance and a minor in international politics. He is a level 2 candidate for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Working as a socially responsible financial advisor brought him to the realization that for investing to be truly socially responsible it must also be locally responsible. Since that epiphany, Derek has been working to design and implement communityfriendly credit and financing structures, culminating in the development of the Sustaining Capital model and the formation of Sustaining Technologies, LLC. Derek is the President of the Sonoma County GoLocal Cooperative and a Managing Member of Sustaining Technologies, which is developing an integrated Web site, business directory and rewards card system currently being piloted with the Sonoma County GoLocal Cooperative. The platform will evolve into a social media and trading platform designed to strengthen relationships between individuals, businesses, and nonprofits in communities. Visit.