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Institute for Humane Education

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The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to creating a humane world through humane educationThe Institute for Humane Education envisions a world in which people dlive humanely, sustainably, and peaceably. To create this change, IHE trains people to be humane educators, advances the field of humane education, and provides tools and inspiration for living an examined, meaningful life.The Institute for Humane Education:* Has been training humane educators and promoting comprehensive humane education since 1996.* Created the first humane education training and certificate program in the U.S.* Affiliated with Cambridge College to offer the first M.Ed. in humane education in the U.S. It remains a unique program to this day.* Has trained hundreds of humane educators reaching thousands of students.* Has reached hundreds of thousands of people and communities worldwide through our distance-learning certificate and degree programs, workshops, presentations, publications and website.Our world faces a host of pervasive, dangerous, and seemingly intractable problems. Many people are working toward solutions. Some create positive change through policy and politics, others through business and technology, and others through direct action and public campaigns. Some work on behalf of other people, some on behalf of nonhuman animals, and some on behalf of the environment.The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) works to create lasting, positive change for all through education. IHE believes that in order to build a peaceful, sustainable, and humane world, we need everyone to receive humane education. We need people:* to know what is actually happening on our planet, to other people, to other species, and to the ecosystems that sustain us all.* to experience reverence, respect, and a sense of responsibility for others and for the natural world.* to know how to think critically and creatively and to evaluate all information intelligently.* to appreciate that their lives have the capacity to make a difference through their individual choices, their work, and their activism.* to have the passion and tools to successfully solve problems.If this kind of education were offered to every child, teenager, college student, and adult, we would create a generation with the knowledge, wisdom, and ability to make sane and humane choices for the future. We need every teacher to be a humane educator, incorporating relevant issues into their curricula, and we need every institute of learning to offer humane education to its students to prepare them to be contributing global citizens.If each of us were exposed to humane education, we would all be able to apply our knowledge, skills, and passions toward exciting, innovative, and meaningful change. That is the power and promise of humane education, and it is our goal at IHE to make such a vision a reality.