Green Festival Speakers

Ericka Jennings


Ericka Jennings is CEO of Green Key Real Estate and a real estate agent practicing in the larger Bay Area. As an EcoBroker® and Certified Green Building Professional, Ericka brings her extensive knowledge of green building practices to every transaction. Viewing the home as a whole system has greatly influenced how she does business -- from advising clients on what green repairs and improvements they can make, to collaborating with other agents and vendors to support the transaction.

Ericka obtained a Masters in Business degree from San Diego State University with a focus on Entrepreneurship & Social Responsibility. There she wrote a thesis entitled Seed to Blossom: Planning for a Socially Responsible Business, in which she interviewed owners and managers about best practices and business planning in the emerging social entrepreneurial scene.

Ericka believes that through personal effort and conscious decisions, we can truly impact our environment in positive ways.