Green Festival Speakers

Alex Kajumulo



Alex Kajumulo has produced five albums under the BabuKaju Record Label: Never Before, Justice for Mankind, Searching for Love, I'm Kool Like That, and Bushman Vision. Alexs first album, Never Before, was released in 2007 and has played on radio stations around the world rising to the top ten on the charts in many African countries and on the World Music Charts in Canada. One of the songs, Maza Africa, was a finalist in the 2007 International Songwriting Competition. Another of the songs from the album, Zuwena, placed 5th in the World Music Category of the Just Plain Folks Music Awards. Songs from Never Before are listed with Pump Audio for commercial licensing.

In 2008 another song Family Man, from the album Justice for Mankind was a semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition. Here in Western Washington, Alexs songs are played on KEXP, KUBE, KBCS (Bellevue Community College), KAOS (Evergreen State College), KYIZ (1620 am) and KUGS (Western Washington University). On April 16, 2009, Alex and three members of his band were featured on the Seattle Cable Channel show, ArtZone with Nancy Guppy. Ed Mays Productions, has produced two one hour documentaries on Alex Kajumulo and his music for Pirate TV. Both can be found on the Pirate TV website and have been aired on public access cable channel 77 in the Seattle area. Nonprofit environmental agencies around the world, like the New Zealand Trust for Conservation Volunteers, the Audubon Society of Central Oklahoma, the Earth Charter Youth Initiative, and The Climate Project have been using Alexs song Global Warming from the Bushman Vision album in their promotional campaigns.

One of the foundations of Alexs music is collaboration with talented musicians from around the world. He began his musical career writing and producing with the acclaimed Tanzanian artist Kool James, Mtoto wa Dandu. Since then, he has worked with DubPHixS from Belgium ; the Philippines; Selassie I. Soldier from the U.S. ; Jamaica; HBomb from the U.S. ; the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lace Cadence from the U.S., Emotionz from Argentina ; Canada, Lauren Barnes from Seattle,U.S., Ruby ; Bob Antolin from the U.S. ; Japan, Joachim Nordensson from the U.S., Fela from the Central African Republic, DJ BMello from Seattle, WA; and Maurice Jones Jr. from Seattle ; Toronto, Canada.

Alex Kajumulo and BabuKaju Records have a significant presence on the internet. Alex maintains two music websites at www.babukaju.com and www.alexkajumulo.com, myspace pages at www.myspace.com/alexkajumulo and www.myspace.com/babukajurecords, music sales sites with content at amazon.com and cdbaby.com, and digital downloads of all of the songs on all of his albums are available at Itunes, amazon, cdbaby, rhapsody, and wherever digital music is for sale.