Green Festival Speakers

James Kalin


James Kalin's company – Virtually Green – is building a network of Sustainable Commercial Urban Farm Incubator (SCUFI) programs in cities around the USA. A SCUFI program trains people to be sustainable commercial urban farmers, helps them get startup financing, find urban farm plots and secure an urban farm home to lease or own. A SCUFI trains urban farmers to generate extra profits by integrating farm operations into the grounds, structures, rooftops and systems of nearby urban buildings and businesses. A SCUFI can play an important role in reengineering cities to meet the challenges of climate change, peak oil and economic instability. Virtually Green also does case studies and design advice for green building and sustainable development projects, particularly LEED. Many of the case studies end up as online virtual tours of buildings and landscapes. Among other things, James is a LEED AP and an ex-ag extension agent.