Green Festival Speakers

Marc Kasky


Marc Kasky has spent the past 40 years working on a variety of projects to the quality of life in communities throughout the U.S. as Executive Director of the SF Ecology Center and Fort Mason Center, as well as with public agencies and developers in urban and rural settings on projects that have strengthened the connections people have to their geographic and social communities. He has been the plaintiff in several consumer lawsuits, most notably Kasky v. Nike. This lawsuit which received extensive national (Fortune Magazine, NY Times, PBS/NPR) and international (Financial Times, the Economist) coverage resulted in a decision affirming that corporations do not have a right to lie and do not have the same First Amendment protections as people do. In other words, they are not persons. Kasky v. Nike is now a business and law school textbook case and has transformed the way corporations can communicate with the public.