Green Festival Exhibitors

Kiwi Industries

3 Juniper Hill Rd, NE, Albuquerque, NM, United States, 87122 - View Map

Kiwi Industries is an infant and children's clothing and gift manufacturing business with a socially and environmentally minded perspective. Kiwi Industries is about capturing this time, through its children's clothing and gift line. Natural and organic fibers are used to create classic designs with a modern twist. We use only high quality fabric, reminiscent of an earlier time before throw-away clothing - our clothing truly gets softer and softer with time. Wear it, wash it, pass it down from child to child. For six years, Kiwi Industries has been passionate about social and environmental awareness. This means using socially responsible labor (living wage, sweatshop free). All of our production is in the USA and in a small knitting cooperative in South America. Our 100% organic cotton knitwear is woven and made in the USA. Our tutus are made locally at a collaborative that provides its workers with living wages and on-site childcare. We also believe in a sustainable environment. We have been producing organic clothing for six years now as part of our collection. We print on recycled paper whenever we can, we offer reusable packaging when possible, and we try our hardest not to waste our resources. Our clothing is simply made to last a lifetime, through wild outdoor adventures, through a magical world of make-believe, through pure, natural fun. Go green, go Kiwi.