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Kuna Prints Vegan Shoes by Mama Shaman

2722A Hyde St., San Francisco, CA, USA, 94109 - View Map


Kuna Prints® by Mama Shaman the passion behind the fashion our unique line of ethical ECO-FASHION made of recycled Mola Fabrics. We design Vegan MOLA SHOES, Mola handbags and Mola accessories that shine with vibrant palettes and intricate patterns. The textiles used on Kuna Prints® are the traditional Kuna Mola textiles that are hand sewn and proudly worn by the Kuna Indians of the San Blas Islands and Colombia. Our products are hand crafted and assembled by Colombian artisans. Our VEGAN SHOES, bags and accessories are fair trade and unique. All of our Kuna Prints® are as unique as your finger prints - no two are alike. When you purchase a product made with an authentic Mola you know that you own a handmade one of a kind artistic piece that will not be found anywhere else in the world. Enjoy!"