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Main Stage

Meet with and listen to amazing keynote speakers, nationally and internationally renowned authors, public figures, activists, social justice leaders and cultural icons.

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Green Living Stage

Visit the Green Living Stage to learn from experts about how to reduce your carbon footprint with practical tips for everyday living and innovations that you can put to use today.

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Community Action Stage

Get educated about local issues as well as opportunities to take your passion for sustainable living to the streets. This is the place to engage on issues ranging from plastic pollution to green jobs to protecting the L.A. River.

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Green Business Stage

Network with other entrepreneurs and tap into resources for launching your green business or career. Green America’s Green Business Network offers seminars, an Eco-preneurs Showcase and much more.

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DIY Stage

Ready to get your hands busy? Learn by doing at this workshop tent.

Green Kids Zone

Get your kids interested in the natural world with engaging, educational activities. From crafts and games to music and storytelling, the Green Kids Zone is where the real party’s at.

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Tadasana Yoga & Movement Pavilion

Powered by: Gaiam TV. Find your inner breath and state of harmony as you stretch yourself to bliss. Enjoy A robust schedule of free classes throughout the weekend.

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Fair Trade Stage

Make a statement by choosing from products that focus on producer empowerment, equality, and economic development. Learn about fair trade, supply chain economics and life cycle impacts.


Sierra Club Green Cinema

Catch up on the latest eco-documentaries, short films and theatrical trailers.

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Good Food Stage

Discover how your favorite health-food restaurant makes its food look and taste so good. During the Organic Cooking Demonstrations, local chefs demonstrate how to make healthy, delicious foods right in front of you!