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NYC Programming Schedule Online Now

nycityprogramWith stages scheduled and speakers confirmed, New York Green Festival is growing from the ground up. Javits North is the place to be to celebrate Earth Day weekend, April 21-22, in New York City!

Visit the Speaker Directory and get to know New York Green Festival's visionary speakers. Then head to the Schedules page for a sneek peek of talks to expect and schedules to note when your favorite speakers will take the stage!

Green America and Global Exchange Help NO KXL Petition Gain Over 800,000 Signatures

billmckibbennokxlYesterday, over 800,000 messages opposing the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipleline were delivered to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Washington, DC.

Why the sudden outburst of activism after President Obama rejected the pipeline in December?

The rush to reaffirm objections to the pipeline came after Senate Republicans amended a transportation funding bill to include a provision giving Congress the authority to override the President's decision and approve the pipeline as a matter of national interest.

A number of organizations, including Green America and Global Exchange, were on hand to mobilize and keep up with the fight against the pipeline!

7 Ways to Cheat on Your Mega-Bank


The kind of cheating we actually endorse this Valentine's Day 

 So, you’ve been wanting to end your relationship with your mega-bank, but you can’t break up just yet. While you work toward making a clean break, Green America has some suggestions for how you can “cheat” on your mega-bank: ways you can move money into banking products from community development financial institutions (CDFIs), even if you’re maintaining aprimary bank account elsewhere.

Green America and Green Festival Applaud Obama’s Rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline

stop-kxl1Green Festival and Green America strongly commend President Obama for his wise decision, announced this afternoon, to reject the dangerous Keystone XL pipeline. This Canadian project poses severe consequences for human health and the environment while further entrenching the dirty fossil fuel economy and failing to generate lasting jobs. Investment in clean energy generates 3-4 times as many jobs as investments in fossil fuels.

“This is the right decision, a brave decision, and one that shows the President took into account profound concerns about the pipeline’s impacts on health, climate change, the environment, and the need to build a clean energy economy that can create lasting U.S. jobs,” said Fran Teplitz, Green America’s director of strategic outreach.

Green Festival Returns to Chicago’s Navy Pier May 5-6, 2012

ChicagoNavyPierThe world’s premier event dedicated to sustainability, social justice and ecological balance returns to Navy Pier in downtown Chicago this May 5-6!

Known for its rich and inspiring keynote presentations, workshops, demonstrations, extensive green marketplace and interactive fun, Chicago Green Festival is not to be missed. And with easy parking, accessible public transportation and walkability for downtown residents, Navy Pier is the ideal Windy City venue.

Expect a weekend packed with local, national and internationally acclaimed social and environmental authors, leaders, experts and cultural icons. From kids’ interactive programming and hands-on DIY demonstrations to uplifting keynote addresses from national heroes, Chicago Green Festival always brings forth an incredible sense of community.

2012 – Our Resolution is Global Revolution

global_revolution-300x75Carleen Pickard
Global Exchange

“Every now and then in history, the human race takes a collective step forward in its evolution. Such a time is upon us now.”Renowned water/environmental activist (and Global Exchange ally) Maude Barlow 

As we ring in 2012, let the revolution begin! From Tunisia to New York, from Spain and Greece to Oakland and  ‘Occupies’ everywhere, people have taken to the streets to reclaim what is rightfully ours.We the 99% seek more than the illusion of democracy… we want government in the hands of the people, not the corporations. We want just, fair, sustainable policies that benefit the majority — not only the wealthy few.

Volunteers - We need you!

volunteer_nycVolunteering at Green Festival offers many new experiences, great opportunities and exciting adventures.

Whether you want to meet new friends, receive school credit, help-out that resume or learn a new skill, Green Festival is the place to do it! Become part of the Green Festival team and directly contribute to the success of an event that promotes social justice and environmental responsibility in NYC and around the world.

Green Festival volunteers are the key to every event! You become a  ‘green ambassador,’ assisting Green Festival attendees/exhibitors and also taking back your experience to your home, school, workplace and community.

You can sign up today to volunteer at the first ever New York Green Festival on Earth Day weekend April 21-22, 2012! 

Partner Spotlight: Sungevity

sungevityLAGFSolar Panels are Reindeer Safe!
The Sungevity Team

This holiday season, Sungevity thanks Green Festival and Green America for being part of the solar community and spreading solar to supporters and friends. With the help of our non-profit partners like Green America, Sungevity has put more than $400,000 into the non-profit sector this year. This money has gone toward cleaning our waterways, educating our children, and preventing dirty energy measures, among many other amazing efforts. Not to mention the impact of the solar systems themselves! So far, the Sungevity community solar installations have...