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Green Festival News

35 Discounts for the Holidays from the Green America Gift Guide


The Green Festival lives on – and comes straight to your computer screen through the Green America Gift Guide, featuring dozens of great green and Fair Trade businesses. You may recognize many of these great companies from the Green Festival Marketplace. Support green businesses during the holiday season by taking advantage of these discount offers – this is a great compilation of products for anyone and everyone on your list – including you!

Green Festival Launches in NYC Earth Day Weekend - April 21-22, 2012


Green Festival New York will take place Earth Day weekend, April 21-22, 2012 at the new Javits Center North, so mark your calendars now!

Green Festival found the perfect spot to launch its first New York City event, the new Javits Center North, located on 11th Avenue between 39th and 40th Streets. Unveiled in August 2010, Javits Center North features 80,000 square feet of naturally lighted column-free, high ceiling modern space. JCN is connected to the main building through a 30-foot wide corridor link featuring floor to ceiling glass doors looking onto an outdoor plaza view, adding more natural light and a touch of outdoors. This beautiful space will be the ideal weekend spot for celebrating Earth Day weekend at Green Festival.

Ten Years of Green Festival

"Ten years ago, like now, it was a time of protest. It was a time of no - we don't like this, we don't like that. My dear friend at Global Exchange, Kevin Danaher said, 'We need a YES to this time of no. Let's celebrate solutions!' And that's where the idea of Green Festival came up. You walk the floors of Green Festival and there is such an amazing energy because people are tapping into the yes side of their lives - into solutions" - Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director - Green America

From Green Festival, Green America and Global Exchange, we thank every attendee, volunteer, exhibitor, partner, nonprofit ally, staff member and community catalyst for ten years of dedication, support, growth and celebration. Together, we have made Green Festival the largest, most established and trusted sustainability event in the nation. Here's to many more years of Green Festivals nationwide!

Thank You San Francisco!

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Ten years ago, Green Festival began, with around 13,000 participants, 50 speakers, 125 exhibitors and a handful of special events. Last weekend in San Francisco, over 30,000 Green Festival participants ate, drank, danced, DIY’d, networked and explored their way to cleaner, greener and more sustainable education resources, job opportunities and personal lifestyles. Green Festival celebrated 10 years, 32 festivals and 1 million attendees as the largest, most established and trusted sustainability event in the nation with a continuing commitment to keep celebrating solutions, sharing ideas and bringing green-minded individuals together to tackle our world’s most pressing environmental and social issues.

Thanks to Green AmericaGlobal Exchange, the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center, and every attendee, volunteer, exhibitor, partner and nonprofit ally whose efforts made the 10th Anniversary San Francisco Green Festival an incredible weekend! Enjoy “The Green Festival Experience” from attendee Abe Heisler and media partner, TrimTab Media:


Move Over “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” - Make Room For “Green Tuesday!”


For shoppers who want to save green – and be greener – during the holiday season, Green America is proud to begin a new tradition that makes the Tuesday after every Thanksgiving “Green Tuesday.”  

To kick off this new annual holiday shopping tradition, Green America’s GreenDeals.org website will be offering special deals for the week starting on the first “Green Tuesday,” November 29, 2011.

Much like Groupon does for general shoppers, GreenDeals.org offers discounts and deals from local and national green online businesses that are approved by Green America. GreenDeals.org features a new deal or discount every 24-48 hours. Featured businesses include some of the very companies you will find in the Green Festival Marketplace!

Five Ways to Go Fair Trade This Thanksgiving

thanksgivingAlisa Gravitz
Green America

When I was kid, my favorite Thanksgiving blessing was the one that ended, "and bless all those whose hands made and grew this food so that we could enjoy this day in celebration of our blessings." I would picture all the people around the world who had a hand in setting our table. This Thanksgiving, many will take that same moment to consider all the human connections involved in assembling such a meal. Maybe your cranberries, or potatoes, or turkey came from a farmer you know at your local market, or maybe you traveled to a locally owned pumpkin patch to pick the perfect main ingredient for your pie. For other ingredients that aren't so easy to find locally, there are often Fair Trade options that you can choose, to create a world where everyone, everywhere can have a fair deal. The Fair Trade premium associated with these products helps producers build a better life for their families and communities.

Partner Spotlight: Calvert Investments


Make your investing as green as your life
Brooke Flazier
Calvert Investments

You live your life in a “green” way, but do you know what’s happening with the “green” you have invested? Corporate mismanagement, environmental disasters, climate change… sometimes it feels like the world is teetering on disaster. However, you’re coming to the San Francisco Green Festival (and making conscious choices day in and day out) because you believe that through living more sustainably, you are doing your part to make sure that the world is “Too big to fail”. But do you know that at the same time, you may be investing in companies that are working against your ideals?

Vote For Your Favorite Ford Community Green Grant Finalist!

community-green-grant-voteThis weekend at San Francisco Green Festival, Ford will announce the winner of a $5,000 Green Grant! Over 50 project ideas were submitted, each with unique, actionable ideas to better Bay Area communities. The decision was tough, but the five finalists have been chosen! Check out the five local organizations in the running and watch their videos to find out how they would use their green grant! 

The 10th Anniversary San Francisco Green Festival is This Weekend!

GreenFestivalSF10OverviewIt's time to celebrate! The 10th Anniversary San Francisco Green Festival is this weekend, November 12-13 at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center!

Discounted tickets are still available online. The deadline for you to purchase your discount online tickets is Friday November 11th at 5pm PST. You can also purchase your tickets at the box office on Saturday and Sunday.

Ride your bike and use the Bike Valet for FREE admission at the door! Students with ID and seniors also receive free admission. Green Festival is at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center, located at 635 8th St. If you take the BART, exit at the Civic Center station. You can take the six block walk down Eighth Street to Brannan, or catch a ride with Teacher with a Bus! Pickups and drop-offs occur every 20 minutes in front of the Hotel Whitcomb on Market St. If you bike to the concourse, the Bike Valet is located to the rights side of the Concourse in the parking lot. For further directions to the SF Concourse, visit the Travel Page.

Find Your Inspiration in Green Festival’s First-Ever Coaching Café

coachingWant to take some of that contagious Green Festival energy home with you?

If you are hoping to expand the impact and inspiration of your Green Festival experience, we invite you to take advantage of an innovative new offering – the Coaching Café!

Working with a local coaching firm, Rigoré Consulting, a group of the Bay Area's top professional coaches will be onsite to talk with you about your personal and professional going-green goals. The Coaching Café will be open throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday, offering complimentary one-on-one sessions with the aim of helping you create momentum in an area of your life or work that is meaningful to you.