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Green Festival News

Breaking up with Your Mega-Bank

breakupbankAlisa Gravitz
Green America

Breaking up with your mega-bank sends a message as loud and clear as a bullhorn in the middle of Wall Street itself. You're shifting power and money away from Wall Street to Main Street -- to the green economy.

Here are the top 6 ways you can break up with your corporate mega-bank today, and use your money to power the new green economy, instead of the old, corrupt, Wall-Street economy:

Skip the Line and Save Money by Purchasing your Festival Tickets Online

labuyticketsAre you ready for Los Angeles Green Festival October 29-30 and San Francisco November 12-13? Thousands of people are excited too - including us! This fall, we are making it easier than ever to get your Green Festival tickets in advance. When you purchase your tickets in advance you will save money and still earn GF Bucks Back in your pocket to spend with your favorite green businesses!

Attending Green Festival is easy and affordable. An all-access pass for 2 days of fun at Green Festival is only $10 when you buy online! For a more comprehensive Green Festival experience, try the Green Festival Fan Admission Pack that includes your weekend passes, an eco-tote bag, organic cotton t-shirts, cafe drink tickets and your lunch at the festival - all for only $48!

Why wait? get your tickets now through our admissions site:

Buy Los Angeles Tickets

Buy San Francisco Tickets

Also, check out ways to trade your time and effort for FREE admission, including volunteering, cycling, taking public transport, recycling electronics and more!

Why Solar Matters

sungevityCory Rae Shaw
Assistant Marketing Manager

With the majority of Americans feeling overwhelmed by rising energy costs (which increases 7% each year from the grid!), more people are looking to clean energy to power their lives, and a smart way to do this is with sunshine. Solar panels take advantage of the most readily available natural resource we have and the possibilities are endless. For example, covering just 4% of the earth with solar panels (like the Gobi Desert) would power the whole world!

Even if we focus on the smaller picture for the U.S., solar is just as bright. Last year, the solar industry grew more than 100% in the U.S., compared to overall GDP growth of less than 3%. This industry growth was reflected in job figures. The number of solar jobs nearly doubled from 2009 to 2010 and is steadily rising in 2011. Over the next 10 years, growth in the renewable energy sector is expected to continually expand.

Ed Begley Jr. and Eric Garcetti Excited about Los Angeles Green Festival

Green Festival caught up with actor/activist Ed Begley Jr. of Planet Green's "Living with Ed," and LA City Council President, Eric Garcetti, on a sunny Sunday in Los Angeles during CicLAvia, an event in which 7.5 miles of LA streets were closed to cars and open to walking, cycling, skating and playing. Both expressed their excitement about the upcoming Los Angeles Green Festival and want you to get excited too!

DISCOUNT TICKETS are available online now! Check out the program-rich Event Guide, plan your weekend and save money!

The Benefits of Plant-Based Living

plantbaseddietEarth Balance

The plant-based diet is no longer a trend or for activists. In fact, word about its benefits is spreading to the masses, and in a big way. With the recent release of the documentary Forks Over Knives, coverage of plant-based diet health benefits by Oprah, Martha Stewart, Ellen, Dr. Oz and more, and the plethora of vegan cookbooks hitting shelves, there has been an awakening of ‘healing with food,’ and an abandoning of animal products by many.

In a recent survey conducted by Bon Appétit Management Company, it was found that over 13% of college students are vegetarian. If vegetarianism was a college major it would be the most popular major at all universities. Plant-based eating is not just a fad – it’s a lifestyle that is here to stay.

Calling All Young Environmentalists! Fun and games in the Green Kids' Zone

yogachildGreen Festival isn't just for adults - there's plenty to do for green kids too! Head to the Green Kids' Zone at Los Angeles Green Festival for fun crafts, sweet smarts Halloween adventures, stories, music and much more! Learn about your natural world, and why it is important to save forests, clean our rivers and oceans, preserve species, honor human rights and take care of Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants for generations to come!

Here are some of the fun and fabulous activities you will find in the Green Kids' Zone:

Statement in Support of Occupy Wall Street

benandjerrysoccupyBen & Jerry’s Board of Directors

We, the Ben & Jerry’s Board of Directors, compelled by our personal convictions and our Company’s mission and values, wish to express our deepest admiration to all of you who have initiated the non-violent Occupy Wall Street Movement and to those around the country who have joined in solidarity. The issues raised are of fundamental importance to all of us. These include:

  • The inequity that exists between classes in our country is simply immoral.
  • We are in an unemployment crisis. Almost 14 million people are unemployed. Nearly 20% of African American men are unemployed. Over 25% of our nation’s youth are unemployed.
  • Many workers who have jobs have to work 2 or 3 of them just to scrape by.
  • Higher education is almost impossible to obtain without going deeply in debt.
  • Corporations are permitted to spend unlimited resources to influence elections while stockpiling a trillion dollars rather than hiring people.

San Francisco Programming - A First Look

spectatorsTime flies, and the 10th Anniversary San Francisco Green Festival, November 12-13 at the SF Concourse Exhibition Center, is right around the corner! Excitement is building in the San Francisco community as we prepare to celebrate a ten-year milestone of local, regional, national and global solutions for social justice, ecological balance and a sustainable economy. A wealth of knowledge awaits every attendee, from practical tips to green your everyday life, to invaluable insights into our most pressing current environmental and societal issues, and fun and enriching ways to bring your family and friends together to help your local communities. Feature topics include Community Action, DIY at home, Green Building, Green Kids, Fair Trade, Green Careers, Sustainable Home and Garden, Green Business and much more. Here is a preview of some of the incredible speakers and programming that awaits you at Green Festival!

It's October - Happy Fair Trade Month!

ben-and-jerrys-fair-tradeCelebrate Fair Trade Month this October with Green Festival Partner - Ben & Jerry's!

Ben & Jerry's has made a significant commitment to Fair Trade ingredients and the global Fair Trade movement. They are in the process of converting ingredients to Fair Trade Certified globally where they feel they can have the greatest impact on improving the lives of farmers, strengthening communities and protecting the environment.

The purpose of Ben & Jerry’s philanthropy is to support the founding values of the company: economic and social justice, environmental restoration and peace through understanding - and to support local Vermont communities.

Fair Trade Month celebrates our purchasing power to make a difference in the world by supporting products that are sustainably created, ethically sourced and socially and environmentally responsible. Fair Trade Month celebrates those who support a market that fights poverty, protects the environment, builds sustainable businesses, empowers women and supports education.

Good for Your Wardrobe and Gentle on the Earth: Every-Day Eco-Fashion at Green Festival

ecofashion5Green Festival’s Everyday Eco-Fashion Show is an exciting look at how you can make eco-conscious clothing a part of your everyday life. Every person’s wardrobe has its own personality and this show will feature styles that fit perfectly into your closet!

Exhibitors will feature their newest trends of eco-friendly wear. Each exhibitor has a different inspiration and style to create clothing that is fabulous and fun while gentle on the earth in creation and production. This show will offer a diversity of looks and options including hemp, organic cotton and Fair Trade clothing.

Hemp is a popular trend in eco-fashion, known for the textile’s many benefits. The casual looks of Jungmaven and Dash Hemp will feature everyday looks for men and women with minimal environmental impact. Hemp uses less chemicals and resources than that of cotton clothing and provides a stylish and comfortable look all in one.

The Media Revolution at Green Festival

sierra-club-green-cinemaLos Angeles has an incredibly diverse and unique legacy in media. From the pioneering efforts of MySpace and the Huffington Post, to the rapid growth of Twitter and YouTube, and from TV and radio, to feature films, Los Angeles stands as one of America’s greatest hot spots of media content, innovation and community.

Green Festival is proud to unveil two brand new pavilions in Los Angeles: Sierra Club Presents: Media Revolution and Green Cinema and the Social Media Hub. Head to these communication hubs and spend time with a variety of media experts to find out about the latest in social media technologies and tactics; discuss the evolution of green in film; and gain real-life experience from industry leaders in social activism, blogging, website management and much more.