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Green Festival News

Child Labor, the Not-so-Sweet Side of Chocolate

stopchildlaborElizabeth O'Connell
Green America

Monday, September 19th will mark the ten-year anniversary of the signing of the Harkin-Engel Protocol -- an agreement by the country's largest chocolate companies to put an end to forced child labor in the chocolate industry by 2005.

Ten years after chocolate companies made this commitment, there is still much to be done. While some companies have begun to make the switch to Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa, one company stands out as lagging far behind its peers: Hershey.

America's oldest and largest chocolate manufacturer must not be allowed to profit at the expense of children in West Africa. Instead of just sending a message to The Hershey Company, Green America asks that you send a message to your whole community, through letters to the editor, blogs and social networking, that highlights this issue in as we approach the ten-year anniversary of the Harkin-Engel Protocol.

LA Green Festival Programming - A First Look

GFaudienceThe time is near - Los Angeles Green Festival, October 29-30 at the LA Convention Center is quickly approaching! Excitement is building in the Los Angeles community, and this festival has all the makings of one of our best events yet. A wealth of knowledge awaits every attendee, from practical tips to green your everyday life, to invaluable insights into our most pressing current environmental and societal issues, and fun and enriching ways to bring your family and friends together to help your local communities. Feature topics include Community Action, Social Media, Green Building, Green Kids, Fair Trade, Organic Cooking, Sustainable Home and Garden, Green Media, Green Business and much more! Here is a preview of some of the incredible speakers that await you at Green Festival. Stay tuned as many more fantastic speakers will be added in the coming weeks!

Green America Launches 'Ask Green America'

askgreenamericaGreen America has just launched a brand new service to personally answer your green living questions. Ask Green America is a brand new, one-of-a-kind green help desk, providing answers to over 1,000 green living questions. This new resource available at your fingertips is great for your home, office, school and more!

Ask Green America has helpful answers to almost any sustainable living question you can think of, and adds more tips and advice every day, grown from Green America's 28 years of experience helping individuals and businesses go green. Ask Green America partner, Green Irene, America's Eco-Consultant (a Green-America-approved business) combines accumulated knowledge on greening your homes, lifestyles and businesses.

Organic? Vegetarian? Vegan? That is the Question

GFSFFood3We ask, “Why do you come to Green Festival?” More often than not, people answer, “the food!”

Green Festival is proud to offer local organic vegan and vegetarian faire that is easy on the wallet, healthy, delicious and good for the soul. While offering many well-known favorites such as the ever-famous falafel, vegan corn dog and garlic fries, Green Festival seeks to explore a variety of cultural approaches to flavor and nutrition that incorporate flavors from nations around the world. The fun of Green Festival cuisine exists in trying the best new local restaurants and exploring the possibilities in organic, vegan, vegetarian and raw snacks and meals – all while discovering the fun of growing and creating your own food!

The Sorry State of Airline Recycling

volunteerrecycleTodd Larson
Green America

If you have flown you have seen it: flight attendants coming down the aisle with a bag to collect trash.

The average airline passenger generates 1.3 lbs. of waste per flight. This might not seem like a large amount. But, in 2008, there were 678 million airline passenger trips in the United States alone, which generated over 881 million lbs. of waste.

Nearly 75 percent of this waste is recyclable. Unfortunately, only 20 percent is actually recycled.

Building Green Festival from the Ground Up! Working with the LA Host Committee

LA-Host-Committee-2The Los Angeles Green Festival Host Committee launch had a great turnout for its first meeting on Tuesday, June 28 at L.A. City Hall. More than 75 talented professionals gathered in the magnificent Tom Bradley Tower Room to discuss the hot topic: Green Festival coming to Los Angeles the weekend of October 29 and 30.

In addition to hearing from Green America Executive Director Alisa Gravitz, Global Exchange co-founder Dr. Kevin Danaher and Seven-Star Events President Georgia Malki, local movers and shakers in the room included:  Paula Daniels, City of Los Angeles Public Works Commissioner; Beth Jines, Director of Sustainability, City of Los Angeles, Office of the Mayor; Rafael Gonzales, City of Los Angeles Chief Service Officer, and enthusiastic local business owners, nonprofit representatives and community leaders in the green movement.

Summer Reading

GFCHI2011BookstoreEvery Green Festival is fortunate to host a number of incredible authors, leaders and visionaries. The Green Festival bookstore is one of the most popular hot spots on the festival floor for a reason, as attendees can browse titles by speakers as well as meet their favorite authors during book signings. Whether your interest lies in the political, environmental, social or scientific realm, here is some light, and not-so-light summer reading to get you in gear for another Green Festival season:

Green Festival Returns to San Francisco to celebrate 10 years, 1 million attendees.

GFSFHallshotGreen Festival is thrilled to celebrate its 10th Anniversary November 12-13, 2011 at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center, so mark your calendars now!

On November 9-10, 2002, the first Green Festival was born out of the creativity, resourcefulness and determination of two nonprofits, Green America (then Coop America) and Global Exchange.

The first Green Festival brought 13,000 participants and featured only 50 speakers, 125 exhibitors and a handful of special events. 10 years, 32 festivals and 1 million attendees later, Green Festival is the largest, most established and trusted sustainability event in the nation, and continues to grow year after year.

Whether it will be your first Green Festival or your 10th, head to the Concourse to join the celebration commemorating 10 years of growing, sharing and flourishing to become the nation’s largest and most trusted sustainability event.

Green Festival Launches in Los Angeles!

GFSFFestGreen Festival Los Angeles will take place October 29-30 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, so mark your calendars now!

Green Festival is excited to head to the Los Angeles Convention Center because it is a green community, both physically and environmentally. In 2008, the Los Angeles Convention Center became the first Convention Center of its age and size in the U.S to be awarded LEED-EB from the United States Green Building Council. The Los Angeles Convention Center's constant efforts to progressively explore, test, and implement new and innovative Earth-friendly initiatives exemplify it's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Trick or Treat?! The Los Angeles Green Festival happens Halloween weekend, so wear your best eco-friendly costumes and trick or treat your way around the festival floor for sustainable samples and Fair Trade delights!

Find all your holiday gifts under one roof! The Green Festival Marketplace is the largest, most diverse and most trusted place for all of your green shopping needs. Find non-toxic products for your home, office and garden; organic wellness products for your body and mind; beautiful earth-friendly eco-fashion for yourself and your family; tasty vegan and vegetarian foods; Fair Trade goods; organic beer and wine and much more!

Eco-Friendly Home and Garden Resources

greenhomeWhen it comes to maintaining an environmentally-conscious living space and garden space, there are a lot of ideas and options out there. Tools and methods for water conservation, energy efficiency and household renewable energy sources, weatherization, herb and vegetable garden maintenance and so much more exists to help you save on bills, be more self sufficient and be conscious of your lifestyle impact. There are plenty of local and national businesses available with the expertise to help you decide the appliances, building materials and household products that are right for you. Here are a few easy ideas and resources to help you on your way to a happy and healthy green home and garden.

Summer Fashion

summer-fashionSummer is upon us and its time for warm weather fashion! Whether you are hanging out with friends and family, traveling on vacation, going to yoga class, celebrating at a summer party or heading out for a night on the town, it is important to both look and feel great in the outfits you choose. In honor of summer fashion, below are stylish organic, recycled and Fair Trade clothing choices, all made in environmental and social responsible ways, for you to look fabulous while helping revolutionize the fashion world. Look forward to seeing each of these fantastic companies in the Green Festival Marketplace this fall.