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Green Festival News

Thank You Seattle!

Seattle_KucinichGreen Festival continued its 10th Anniversary celebration at Qwest Event Center with enthusiasm and inspiration. Participants escaped the rainy weather to celebrate Seattle’s Green culture and share ideas and solutions to create a more sustainable world.

Thanks to Green America and Global Exchange, as well as every attendee, volunteer, exhibitor, partner and nonprofit ally who came together to make Seattle Green Festival a successful event!

Thank You Chicago!

chi-overviewGreen Festival continued its 10th Anniversary celebration year at McCormick Place May 14-15. Participants escaped the cold and rainy weather to eat, drink, stretch, shop and celebrate a growing green economy and the opportunity to embrace healthier, eco-conscious and socially-just lifestyles.

Thanks to Green America and Global Exchange, as well as every attendee, volunteer, exhibitor, partner and nonprofit ally whose efforts made Chicago Green Festival a great success! Thank you also to Lieutenant Governor Shiela Simon for opening the festival with an inspiring call to action for every Illinois resident. Here is what the Lt. Governor had to say about the promise of a greener future in the state of Illinois:

Thank You for an Amazing Spring

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Thank you for a wonderful Spring!

Click on the snapshot image above to see photos from San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle Green Festivals.

Summer is approaching and Green Festival is gearing up for another fun Festival Fall! Green Festival will visit New York October 1-2, Los Angeles October 29-30 and San Francisco November 12-13, so mark your calendars now!

Follow the Money

David Korten

David_KortenThank you Alisa Gravitz for the generous introduction and for another magnificent Green Festival. A new economy is essential the human future—and  the Green Festivals define its leading edge in thought and action.

Note that during my presentation Kat Gjovik and Fran Korten will be passing around sign-up sheets for the David Korten and YES! Magazine e-mail newsletters. The David Korten newsletter will keep you up to date on my activities and thinking. The YES! newsletter will keep you up to date on all the many powerful ideas and practical actions that are shaping a positive human future throughout the United States and the world.

We live in an interesting time. Whether it turns out to be a curse or a blessing depends on us. As you may have heard, today is a special day—Rapture Day. This is the day the chosen are lifted from Earth, from this life, to go to an afterlife in a faraway place of peace and plenty to live in loving relationship free from hunger, want, disease and violence. A beautiful vision.

Dennis Kucinich at Green Festival Seattle today

Green Festival continues today at Qwest with Amy Goodman, Congressman Dennis Kucinich and more. Watch this exclusive interview with John Perkins for a preview of Rep. Kucinich's speech at Green Festival today.

Seattle Green Festival this Weekend!

seattle-overviewGet ready, because the Seattle Green Festival is this weekend, May 21-22 at Qwest Event Center!

Discounted tickets are still available online. The deadline for you to purchase your discount online tickets is Friday May 20th at 5pm PST. You can also purchase your tickets at the box office on Saturday and Sunday.

Ride your bike and use the Bike Valet, or take public transportation for discounted admission at the door! Students with ID and seniors also receive discounted admission. All Green America, Global Exchange and Sierra Club members get in free, as well as all city, state and federal government employees!  Visit your local Seattle Area Ford Dealer to receive complimentary Green Festival admission! A list of participating dealerships is available on the Green Festival Facebook Page.

There are so many new and exciting activities to be on the lookout for at Green Festival. Here are just a few highlights:

Vote for Your Favorite Finalist to Win Ford's $5,000 Community Green Grant in Seattle!

ford-green-grant-chicagoCome to Seattle Green Festival this weekend at Qwest Event Center and choose which sustainable, forward-thinking idea you want to win a $5,000 Community Green Grant from Ford! Your vote could be the deciding factor in who wins, so come to Green Festival this weekend, support these innovative, local nonprofits and vote!

At Chicago Green Festival last weekend,1455 Green Festival attendees voted, and the difference between first and second place was a mere 6 votes!The Chicago Green Festival Community Green Grant winner was the ScienceFIST foundation in partnership with Hanson Park School. Their project will install a handicap accessible vegetable garden for Hanson Park students to run. All vegetables grown will be distributed to local food cart vendors.

In a memorable moment that truly embodies the Green Festival community spirit, ScienceFIST founder Marc Hans decides to split the grant with all of the finalists:

Speaker Spotlight: Edward Humes

humesA Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author, Edward Humes' latest book is Force of Nature: The Unlikely Story of Wal-Mart's Green Revolution (Harper Collins, May 2011). His other books include the PEN Award-winning No Matter How Loud I Shout: A Year In the Life of Juvenile Court, the bestseller Mississippi Mud, and Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion and the Battle for America's Soul, now under development at HBO.

Humes has written for numerous publications, including: Los Angeles Magazine, Sierra Magazine, Readers Digest, California Lawyer, the Oxford American, the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times. He has taught writing and journalism at the University of California, Irvine, Chapman University and the University of Oregon.

Green Festival – Chicken or the Egg

chi-overviewFor ten years Green Festival has been delivering crowds unlike any other similar event in the industry, and in the past six months, we’ve seen our attendance numbers increase as compared to the prior twelve when the U.S. economy tanked. In fact, this past weekend’s Chicago Green Festival had a significantly higher attendance than 2010 with more than 26,000 attendees. To that point, attendees and exhibitors at this weekend’s Chicago Green Festival were ‘really surprised’ there was such a low exhibitor turn-out for the crowd that came.

The proverbial ‘The Chicken or the Egg’ challenge is that we can’t have a successful Green Festival without either high attendance or a robust exhibit marketplace. Green businesses tell us that they need strong attendance in order to exhibit, and attendees tell us they expect a marketplace full of hundreds of green companies for them to browse and shop with.