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Visionary or Missionary?

Salazar_DennisDennis Salazar, President - Salazar Packaging, Inc. (certified Minority Business Enterprise)

When asked for a blog contribution for the new Green Festival “Visionaries” blog I was honored but also overwhelmed by the responsibility and choice I had to make. After all, there are so many topics of great importance that I can write about with almost equal lack of authority.

Top 10 Spring Speakers

3408265195_824b993ffe_zGreen Festival speakers author books, lead movements, build green innovations and change the world. At every Green Festival, more than 125 visionary, inspiring and informative speakers come together to be the voice for the sustainability message Green festival is known for. You will be inspired by the people you meet and empowered by the knowledge you discover.

Here are highlights of the Top 10 Speakers at Spring Green Festivals in San Francisco (April 9-10), Chicago (May 14-15) and Seattle (May 21-22):


Top 10 Speakers

_DSC2794Green Festival is where your community comes together to engage with today’s leading authors, celebrities, visionaries and activists from San Francisco, California and around the world. You will be inspired by the people you meet; and empowered by the knowledge you discover.

Here are highlights of 10 of the 125 creative and talented speakers you will connect with at San Francisco Green Festival April 9 - 10:

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Graviitz_AlisaAlisa Gravitz, Executive Director, Green America

Our profound commitment at Green America and at Green Festival is to champion the actions that will bring about a green economy and a just, sustainable society—for you, your children and all generations to come.

The strategies for change that we use combine the power of the “no”—demanding corporate responsibility to stop the damage and suffering caused by business-as-usual—with the power of the “yes”—advancing the healthy, green solutions that provide a better way forward. While the “yes” strategies are always more joyful, it is imperative to take tough stands against dangerous and irresponsible practices that undermine the health of people and our planet.

The Dream is Alive in Richmond, CA

Pulido_TaniawebTania Pulido, Green For All Fellowship Candidate

As a first generation US Citizen with migrant parents from Mexico, my path into community development stems from the desire to combat the same racial, class and gender injustices that my parents traveled to escape, but still face, in North America. Growing up in the city of Richmond, CA, a community that has historically borne the brunt environmental racism, my understanding of social, political and economic issues were limited, and seemed far removed from being related to one another.

Top 10 Exhibitors

GF_SF_MovementGreen Festival is the most trusted event in the United States, representing thousands of authentic environmental and socially responsible businesses and organizations. These amazing  green businesses and organizations have created incredible Green Festival experiences for 1 million attendees, across the nation, over the past 10 years.

This blog will provide a sampling of what you can find at Green Festival this year! Information on every amazing Green Festival exhibitor can be found in the Exhibitor Directory.

Here are highlights of 10 impactful Green Festival exhibitors whose conscious creativity makes them shine:

Top 10 Partners

Top_10_PartnersHundreds of amazing sustainable green businesses and non-profit organizations have offered their support to put on incredible Green Festival experiences across the nation over the past 10 years. These companies believe in social and environmental responsibility—and Green Festival is lucky to have them.

Information on all the amazing Green Festival partners can be found here, but below are highlights of 10 impactful Green Festival partners from the last 10 years:

Keep Monsanto Out of Your Home: 4 Ways to Avoid GMOs

Robyn Griggs Lawrence thumbnail

Robyn Griggs Lawrence, Editor at Large,

Mother Earth News, Natural Home and Herb Companion magazine

In the past month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has made several alarming decisions regarding Monsanto’s genetically modified Roundup Ready crops. Last month it granted non-regulated status to Roundup Ready alfalfa, This month it defied a court order that had prohibited farmers from planting Monsanto’s Roundup Ready sugar beets until a proper study of their environmental impact could be done. In the wake of all this, I’m looking for ways to keep Monsanto-tainted food off my family’s table.

Spring to Sustainability with Green Festival

PB063339Green Festival is a celebration of what is working in our communities and what is possible today. It’s a gathering of more than 30,000 people with a passion for social justice, ecological balance and a sustainable economy. Whether you want to learn something new from one of our 125 visionary speakers, shop the Green Marketplace for new eco-friendly products, sample local food and wine or introduce your kids to the fun of a green lifestyle in the Green Kids Zone, Green Festival has something for everyone.

10 Reasons to Attend Spring San Francisco Green Festival

PB0632781. Enjoy your unique shopping experience in Green Festival's marketplace with more than 300 local, regional and national green businesses, featuring the latest eco-fashion, organic body products, green building materials, nontoxic childrens' clothing, new cleantech innovations and much more.

2. You can learn to DIY! Hands-on workshops teach you how to grow your own food, install solar panels on your house, compost your leftovers and so much more.

3. Green Festival is fun for the whole family! Bring the kids to play and learn with a variety of interactive performances and enriching activities in the Green Kid’s Zone.

Spring to Life at San Francisco Green Festival

IMG_6116Celebrate Green Festival's 10th Anniversary at the Spring San Francisco Green Festival, April 9th-10th at the SF Concourse Exhibition Center!

A project of Green America and Global Exchange, two leading nonprofit organizations dedicated to environmental and social justice for more than 27 years, Green Festival inspires and promotes the connection between change and sustainable progress for people, communities and businesses. Green Festival's interactive marketplace and learning environment provides solutions to help make healthier lives—socially, economically and environmentally.