New York

Green Festival Returns to NYC April 19-21

Javits Center

Green Festival begins an exciting 2013 season returning to Javits Center North for Earth Day Weekend, April 19-21! The Festival will feature an organic, vegetarian and vegan food court; the Sierra Club Green Cinema; eco-fashion exhibits; live music; an organic beer and wine garden; inspiring keynote presentations and more!

Thank You NYC!

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Green Festival began 2012 with a bang, celebrating Earth Day weekend in NYC at Javits Center North. As part of our first NYC event, participants ate, drank, shopped and discovered their way to a greener economy and the opportunity to embrace healthier, eco-conscious and socially-just lifestyles. Click the snapshots above to launch a photo gallery!

Thanks to Green America and Global Exchange, as well as every attendee, volunteer, exhibitor, partner and nonprofit ally whose efforts made the first NYC Green Festival a great success!

Celebrate Earth Day Sunday April 22 at NYC Green Festival!

nyc-overviewHappy Earth Day!

Thousands participated Saturday, and the celebration of sustainability continues today at NYC Green Festival! Head on down to Javits North and celebrate Earth Day with fantastic speakers, exhibitors, kids eco-crafts, earth friendly fashion, local vegetarian organic food and more!

Saturday was amazing as NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond came together under one roof to celebrate community, health, and leading the way to a greener tomorrow. As speaker Frances Moore Lappé noted in her presentation, "hope is not what we find in evidence, but what we become in action."

NYC Green Festival is broadcasting globally online in collaboration with the Huffington Post. We are live streaming all Main Stage presentations! Click here to tune in Huffington Post Green. Or tune in directly via Special Thanks to Fund-Balance, CodeBlue Foundation and Huffington Post.

There is a lot more fun in store for Sunday! Check out today's must-see programming highlights:

Vote for Your Favorite Ford Community Green Grant Finalist at NYC Green Festival

cgg_sfThis weekend at NYC Green Festival, Ford will announce the winner of a $5,000 Green Grant! Many project ideas were submitted, each with unique, actionable ideas to better NYC and its surrounding communities. The decision was tough, but the five finalists have been chosen!

Come to NYC Green Festival this weekend April 21-22 at Javits Center North and vote for your favorite to receive the Community Green Grant. Every vote counts!

Check out the five local organizations in the running: